Steven and Peter

Disney’s Boardwalk | Walt Disney World

Lake Buena Vista, Florida


Photographer | Edward Miranda |


We just adore this couple and when we had the chance to feature their engagement, we jumped at the chance. I’ve known Steven for years… we started at Universal Orlando Resort together as kids trying to find our place in this world. His exceptional ability to make everyone around him smile and his kind, beautiful soul has always been captivating, but it was never more apparent than when he met the love of his life, Peter. Peter, who is now my Veterinarian, is one of the most gracious and thoughtful people I have ever met. If there was ever a person who was born to take care of others (and animals), it is Peter. Oh and my mom loves him too 😉


I just love these two. Talk about two people who were meant to be together. Their spirit and love of life are contagious and just like everyone else who knows them know, their love story is one that gives others hope for what they may one day have. Below, you’ll hear their engagement story from Peter. And we’ll be featuring their actual wedding this Friday so make sure you come back to TW to see their wedding photos!



Knowing that Steven was the Love of my Life, I wanted to make our engagement very special. Steven is such an amazing person, someone that I love and respect so much… this day needed to be amazing. I wanted us both to be able to look back at the day and know that it was one of the most important days in our life together. I knew that I wanted it to be a surprise, even though Steven hates surprises, I figured this one would be okay. I started planning 3 months before the date. I wanted us to be in a beautiful location, feeling comfortable and relaxed. One of our friends is a photographer and I pitched the idea of him needing to get updated photos to expand his portfolio. I would have him pitch the idea to Steven, so that I never appeared to be involved. Our friend reached out to Steven, Steven asked me if I was okay with it and the date was set. I created a Facebook private event and invited our closest friends and family to attend. We planned to have it at Disney’s Boardwalk. And now the date, guest list, and location were all set.


 Now, for the ring. Steven and I, luckily, have always enjoyed going to jewelry stores to try on ring options. You never know when that special day will come. We had decided that whichever one of us proposed, we would propose with a ring from Tiffany and Co.


 The day arrived and our mock photo shoot was going so well!  We were having fun, enjoying the afternoon. As we approached our final location, I felt butterflies. I knew this was it. It was time to express my love and ask one of the most important questions to the most important person in my life. We had turned around to look at the sun setting on the boardwalk. When we turned back around, all of our friends and family were there, with Sarah Bareilles “I Choose You” playing in the background. I got down on one knee and proposed. It was a joyful YES from Steven, cheering all around, followed by tears of love, joy and relief. This is how it was suppose to happen. It was amazing and still one of the best days of my life.