Experiencing the City

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who live near ALL of their close friends and family, chances are you have a few guests who are coming to you from out of town! If that’s the case, the trip they make for your wedding is likely a mini vacation of sorts for them, and what better way to spend a vacation than sightseeing! Cater to your out of town guests easily by providing them a tour of the city through all of your wedding weekend activities!



Hotel Accommodations

We always recommend providing a variety of hotel accommodations (even if they’re just suggested hotels rather than room blocks) so that your guests have options based on their budget, whether they have a rental car, etc. This is also an easy way to provide out of town guests with a taste of the city they’re staying in! Pick a few hotels that are reasonably close to your venue that offer something unique to guests. If your venue is in the city, there are likely many options that are unique to the city (historical significance, popularity, etc). Pick one or two of these in addition to offering up the basic and more cost effective options. If your location is more secluded, search for hotels that compliment your event space and show off the location, maybe a quaint cabin in the woods!



Pre/Post Celebrations

Give your guests (and yourself) something to look forward to each day by having each of your wedding weekend activities in a different location! Have your rehearsal dinner at a popular local restaurant, offer a day after brunch in a park downtown, and so on. Mixing it up like this will help your guests experience the city without having to do any planning themselves! Giving them an experience to remember will having them talking about your wedding for years to come!



Venue with a View

If you start thinking about your out of town guests early on in the wedding planning process, try to pick a venue with a view or one that shows off the uniqueness of the state and city in which it’s located! Maybe your venue has the option of getting married on the terrace with the view of the city in the background, or maybe your venue is more secluded but embodies the vibe of the state. An out of the box venue can help create a unique experience for guests who have never visited and are in the tourist state of mind!



Welcome Bags

Your welcome bags are also a great opportunity to cater to your guests without spending too much money! Do some research on what’s happening surrounding your wedding date and provide an itinerary to guests, both of wedding activities and other local fun! You can also include fun items in your welcome bags that give a nod to the location, like a food item that is specific to the state! Your wedding planner may also be able to help you find some coupons or discounts you can offer to your guests for activities in your area.



Now that you’re an expert, get out your laptop, put your travel agent hat on, and get to work creating an experience to remember!



Article provided by: Kaitlin Shea Weddings | KaitlinSheaWeddings.com