Grace Loves Lace | La Bamba Collection

Disillusioned with the structured, traditional wedding “uniform” that dominated the market, Grace Loves Lace Founder, Megan Ziems set out to change the industry. She believed that a woman shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and that brides deserve better than average.

The ‘La Bamba’ collection, inspired by the famous song and dance, features 13 new gowns alongside an exclusive range of apparel, jewelry and accessories – designed for celebration and movement. 

We are not driven by wholesale seasons or trends – we play by our own rules and let passion, authenticity and creativity lead the way. We support ethical manufacturing and local production, and having an ‘in-house’ team means we can innovate and pivot as we need. For example, the idea for our stunning new hair buns came about from a collection of off-cuts that we wanted to turn into something beautiful, covetable and wearable – rather than waste.”

“We have always designed for the woman – not the ‘bride’. Our customer is really open to new ideas and eludes tradition – and La Bamba pushes the boundaries of bridal like never before.” 

Their handmade gowns are all about effortless beauty, luxury, quality and style. They design for the woman whose passion burns bright like a flame and the woman who love fearlessly with all of their hearts. They design gowns that have soul, originality and authenticity.

“The essence of what we do is what our mission was from the beginning – to design wedding gowns that women want. The common thread that women of all different cultures, shapes and sizes share is that we want to feel beautiful. Style helps us define ourselves on a daily basis and your wedding day should be no different. My background in the fashion industry gave me insight into just how stale the bridal offering was when I was searching for my own gown in 2010. I wasn’t satisfied with the wedding uniform. I wanted more. I couldn’t do a gown with a corset, boning, structure or restriction, it just wasn’t for me. I needed a gown that was authentically me. A gown that had personality, that told MY story and was designed with passion, movement and luxury in mind. The woman we design for is at the core of everything we do. She is effortlessly sophisticated, captivating, down to earth, sexy and authentic. She’s warm as the Spanish sun and cool as the Californian night. The GLL woman has morals and values – she knows exactly what inspires and motivates her.”

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