Small Home Restoration For Your Honeymoon




Photography | Andreas Markakis Photography | @andreas_markakis

Design and Decor | Losif Vasilodimitrakis with IOS.V | @iosv_interior

Home Website | LittleMimosa

Handmade Floor Tiles | Tsourlakis Tiles

Mattresses | Istikbal

Branding and Logo Design | Agie Tomara | @agie.t

Being part of a personal project, as this home belongs to myself and my wife, we wanted to show exactly how that even a small home can be comfortable and pleasant for visitors vacations. An almost 150-year-old stone building that belonged to my grandfather and grandmother was passed on to me and I felt the urge to renovate and restore. After construction was completed we styled the home for this photo shoot without exaggerating and at the same time looking real. In the end, producing a lifestyle look, that rentals need to attract ideal clients.


Although under 50 square meters the home sleeps 3 people and has a mix of materials and design elements. The predominant white color expands the space and gives a clean look. I also wanted to photograph and expose some of the neighboring sights to help put the home on the map. This helps clients understand the experience they will have when staying at the home.

A few words from Iosif Vasilodimitrakis (Interior designer of Little Mimosa)

When this project was presented to me, I knew very soon what had to be done to solve its main problems and turn them into obsolete issues. First off, the structure itself is around 150 years old and by law, the structure had to be kept as is. So no extra windows or doors could be opened. And there are only 2 windows and a door. And the windows weren’t big, to begin with. Not much for light and air flow. To work with the existing light entering the home, white and bright overall colors were chosen. Even the floor is a cement plaster in an off white color.


The cement plaster was also used on most of the walls in the bathroom instead of tiles to create a modern Greek island feel. As this technique is mostly used in Santorini and Mykonos. The ground floor is just around 38 square meters (409 square feet) so separating the main sleeping area from the living room was done with cement structures put together with holes in the middle allowing light and air to flow through. These fixtures are normally used in the ground of gardens for grass to grow through them. When assembled and secured properly they create a strong boundary with style. This could also be done with wood but would have affected the overall budget. The owners had specified I keep the budget at reasonable levels as the home could not be rented for high rates due to its location far away from the beaches. Yet we wanted to add some elements of design that will elevate its status.


Another way I achieved this was with the hand made tiles used on the veranda. These are made in the nearby city of Rethymno here on Crete. Though expensive it was a worthy spot for an investment. The veranda is a spot where people naturally gravitate to and spend most of their time so I created a pleasant visual experience with this. The house walls are 65cm thick and in one part a portion of the wall had already been carved out to make some storage space. I turned this into a wooden bedroom closet. On the doors a material with holes that normally is for chairs to increase airflow. Lastly, with all the cement and white colors in the structure, I added some wood in the staircase and extra bed space floor in the loft. This to bring some warmth in the home. This space is 10 Square meters (107 square feet). In the end, Greece’s very bright light easily shines through the home finding clean lines and enough modern elements in a very old home. Making for a pleasant and relaxing stay.