How To Choose An Engagement Ring Your Partner Will Love

Researching and choosing an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task, especially since you mostly have only yourself, and a select few family and friends to count on to get it right!

But not to fear, we’re here to help demystify the process, and make it easier for you to pick the perfect ring for your perfect person.

Set a Budget

The first and foremost point to consider, is what kind of budget you are allocating to buying your partners engagement ring.

There are a a few differing theories when it comes to how much a person should spend – Some say you should spend one or even three months salary on the ring, while others say you should spend what you can.

There is however, a bit of a science to arrving at a decision. For example, someone earning $30,000 a year might spend $1500 on a ring, while someone earning $60,000 could spend $2500. A high earner making around $300,000 might spend $8000 on a ring, and so on. This way, all of their partners will end up with beautiful rings that support their salary brackets.

We believe that you should spend within your means, taking into consideration that there should be enough left in your bank to enjoy the other beautiful things in life as well!

Decode Your Partner’s Style

The next point we’re going to cover, is your partner’s personal style. You want to be sure that the ring is a design she likes, so, try to determine her favorite style of jewelry through her current pieces.

If she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, you might have to get creative. Ask her family and friends about what they think she likes, or perhaps have them try to get some information out of her with a casual conversation. You might also find out a lot about her sense of style through the clothes she wears. For example, is she classically elegant or more trendy? If she is more into classical style, she might love a vintage inspired ring. Alternatively, if she follows high fashion, she might prefer a trending design like a halo or 3-stone engagement ring.

The most important thing to be sure of is that, when you put the ring on your partner’s finger, it’ll be a perfect fit, both literally and taste-wise!

Gemstone Decisions – Diamonds vs Colored Stones

Given how personalized engagement rings are, there is not necessarily any right or wrong answer for which route you should take when choosing the stones for your ring.

You essentially have two choices to pick from. These are:

  • Diamonds
  • Colored Gemstones

Knowing the right way to go isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have your partner’s input. But, to give you more of an idea, ask yourself this: Is my partner more traditional, or unique?

For Traditional Engagement Rings: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend!

If you decide that tradition is the way to go, you can focus your search on Diamonds. They have been the accepted stones for engagement rings since the Renaissance, and are hugely popular not only for their tradition, but because they also manage to be completely contemporary at the same time.

To learn more about diamonds, take a look at our informative but easy-to-follow diamond guide.

Diamond Guide – How To Choose The Right One

When choosing an engagement ring, you must always pay close attention to the quality of the diamond. By knowing what to look for, you can get a beautiful diamond whilst also staying within your budget.

You can eduate youself on the 4 C’s that determine diamond quality, by reading our blog – Grading system, the 4C’s.

For a Distinctive Engagement Ring: Play With Color!

Colored gemstones certainly break away from traditional diamonds, which is why a lot of couples choose these for their engagement bands. Placing a different colored stone on an engagement ring makes it very eye catching and gives the engagement a much more modern, and possibly less formal, feel.

But, just because colored gemstones are less traditional doesn’t mean that they are completely without significance. Many couples choose to represent their engagement by placing birthstones on their engagement rings. You can read up on this at our birthstone guide here.

A couple might, for example, choose to place each other’s birthstones on a two-stone engagement ring, like the Eugene.

To read more on the meaning and trends of colored Gemstones, and what to look for in gemstone quality, read our Gemstone Guide here.

Stone Cuts / Shapes

Listed below are all the available stone cuts for engagement rings –

  • Princess
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • Cushion
  • Baguette
  • Heart

When it comes to choosing the right shape for your partner’s engagement ring, it comes down to a few deciding factors. You can read more about it at our article on Gemstone Shapes.

Ring Style

When picking an engagement ring style your options are as below:

  • Solitaire
  • Halo
  • Vintage-inspired
  • 3-stone

Read our insights into the different styles below, to help you with the decision process –


Featuring a precious metal band with a single gemstone mounted on it, Solitaire engagement rings are the most traditional due to their classic, timeless style.


Halo rings are similar to solitaire rings in that they have a central gemstone. But, these rings have smaller gemstones surrounding the central stone, making it appear to have a ‘halo’ of light. This style makes your diamond appear bigger, so we especially recommend it for smaller stones (< 0.75 carats).


Vintage-inspired engagement rings use designs that reference classical periods of jewelry. They often feature very intricate, ornate detailing.


These engagement rings feature three mounted gemstones which often differ yet are sometimes identical. Many people use the stones to represent aspects of their union.

While your options for ring styles and settings are numerous read our Style guide to ring setting options here – for detailed information on the most popular choices for engagement rings.

Metal Choices

Personalities that love classic elegance will likely gravitate towards traditional metals such as Platinum, yellow or white gold, while personalities that veer away from the norm will prefer choices like black or rose gold.

There is also the issue of durability that we need to consider.

To give you more insight into what this means, you can read here to make an educated decision.

Ring Size

Probably the most challenging piece of the puzzle to tackle, without giving away your intentions! The easiest way to approach this would be by measuring your partners current jewelry. However, if they don’t typically wear many rings, you will have to resort to other methods.

Your best chances would be to try and get a friend of theirs to have them try on a ring for fun, ot even have them go into a jewelry store just to browse.

Before starting on this mission though, check out our helpful ring size guide for a better understanding of ring sizes.


Engraving adds a personal touch to the engagement ring you choose, and it will always go down well with your partner. A few ideas for engraving could be –

  • Important dates
  • Song lyrics
  • Using symbols like a heart or the infinity sign

Proposal Ideas

The ribbon that ties everything together, the story of your proposal is one that will be told to your kids, and their kids, and so on!

How do you achieve this? By keeping a few basic rules in mind when deciding how to finally pop the question –

  • Sometimes, less is more – the actual action of your proposal is more impotant than the activities that surround it.
  • Being thoughtful goes far – planning your proposal around places or things that hold a special place in your partners heart, will make the ocassion even more memorable.
  • Keep the memory alive – Don’t forget to have a friend or family member close by, recording the entire event for posterity.

Jewelry Care

While the best way to clean any piece of jewelry is with a professional jeweler, should you choose to clean your ring at home as a temporary solution, read more here on how to go about it.

Article Written By Diamondère | @diamondere