How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer


Newly engaged? Photography is a BIG part of your wedding day!! It’s such an important investment. Photography is something you’ll carry years and years into the future. You’ve looked forward to this day since you could remember! And you’re marrying the love of your life and will ALWAYS want to remember this special day!! Photography gives the opportunity to relive your wedding day for life! Even your grandchildren will look at how beautiful you were as a bride!


Needless to say, choosing a photographer is a big decision that should be carefully thought through! I want to share some tips for brides searching for the right photographer for their wedding day!


See what photos catch your eye to determine style

Photographers have vastly different styles! If you aren’t really sure what style you love, try this: As you scroll through social media, stop on photos that catch your eye! What is it about them? How light and airy they are, the laughter and movement, the darker moodiness, or the calm and more serious look? I had a past bride who said she’d scroll through Instagram, and before even looking at who posted it, decided if she liked the photo or not! It helped her narrow her search down, and she decided to book since she knew she loved my images!


Check out the website and blog

If a photographer’s images catch your eye, head to their website and blog to see more of their work! This is a great place to also learn about the photographer! Browse around to even get a better feel of their style. Remember- what is posted on their website is their best work, so it’s important you love it!


Read reviews

Many photographers will have a “reviews” section on their website! Read about the experience other brides had working with this photographer! Or if you had a friend who worked with this photographer, reach out and ask about their experience.

Make sure they offer what you’re looking for

Whether it’s a certain length of coverage, a second-shooter, engagement session, or albums, see if what you had hoped for is offered! And never hesitate to ask! Many photographers have options to add these items on if it’s not on their base package!

Decide what priority photography is on your budget

I was willing to cut back in other areas of my wedding to spend more on my photographer. This was because photography was my top priority for wedding vendors! Others might prioritize another vendor more important to them! Decide how important photography is amidst other vendors so you know how much of your budget you’re willing to put towards it.


Talk before booking to see if you get along

Whether it’s in person, over the phone, or a Skype call with your final candidate(s), be sure to chat before booking. Photography is SO personal! This person will be working with you the months up to your wedding, and will be around you that entire day! You want to feel comfortable with and excited to work with this person! You don’t want to look back at photos remembering feeling uncomfortable. So many of my sweet brides become my friends because photography is SO personal and we connect so well! It’s important to find someone you know you can trust with your wedding day. Instead of being worried what shots they’ll get or the style the photos will be in, you’ll be able to trust their talent and expertise to get beautiful images of your day!


I hope this is helpful in your search for the right wedding photographer! Happy planning!

About Christa:

Christa began her business in 2013. She’s photographed over 70 weddings, and offers a personal relationship with her brides while professional photographing their day! She also offers education for growing business owners and photographers. She’s getting married in September to her fiancé, Edward, and can normally be found in the Chick-fil-a drive through, or planning a trip to Charleston!


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