How To Have a Paw-satively Perfect Dog Friendly Wedding… Regardless Of Location!

As wedding planners who primarily work in Colorado, we have seen a lot of trends specific to the state. Coloradans are notorious for wanting weddings that embrace the mountain scenery, are a little more laid back, and are full of personalized touches. Oh, and they love late night snacks.


Colorado is also notorious for being incredibly dog friendly, and we are starting to see that reflected in the wedding world. Whether your couples want their pets to be in their wedding party or just want them included in some photos, bringing in a furry friend can get a little tricky. This trend is certainly not specific to our colorful state, so we thought we’d share a few tips for having a paw-satively perfect dog friendly wedding regardless of location!


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#1. Hire good help, and no we don’t just mean hiring a wedding planner (although of course this is ALWAYS recommended). Appoint one of your friends or family members to the position of dog wrangler, or hire a professional from websites live “Rover”! Make sure they are someone you trust to really take the job seriously, because nothing would ruin a wedding quicker than an excitable dog on the loose!


#2. Bring a doggie “emergency kit.” Your typical wedding day emergency kit includes things like safety pins, spot remover, and advil, but your furry companion needs items that you wouldn’t otherwise think to bring. Bring poop bags, dog food and treats, any medicine your pup needs, and of course their suit and tie. Keep your dog happy and busy!


#3. Have a plan from start to finish. Know where your dog will be held before the ceremony, where it will be heading off to afterwards, and everything in between. Try to make your timeline as efficient as possible so that your appointed dog wrangler can get back to enjoying the party. You don’t want them to feel like they’ve missed out on any of the fun! It’s YOUR big day but you’re sharing it with a lot of people.


#4. Let your guests know that your dog will be a part of your wedding from the start. Although most people probably adore your furry friend and will love the uniqueness it brings to your ceremony, some people have allergies or an aversion to pets for any number of reasons. You can let your guests know via your website, a fun social media post (you can include your dog in your engagement photos) or on your information inserts in your wedding stationary suite. The key here is to avoid ANY surprises!


When done right, having your best four legged friend join in on your nuptial fun can make for an oh so memorable day! What better way to start your new life than with your entire family in tow. Plus, it makes for some pretty fantastic photos.




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