Laure de Sagazan | Intricate Steps Of a Ballerina

A lot of people don’t know this, but I was a dancer since the wee age of three. I had (and loved) my little tutu and dance bag. I danced all the way through college and had an amazing dance career well into my twenties, entertaining and dancing at two very prominent theme parks in Orlando, Florida (I’m sure you can imagine which ones I’m speaking of). So, when I say I still have a special place in my heart for dancers and anything related to dance, I really do. I did tap, jazz and ballet (I tried other kinds too, but tap was always my favorite). Dancing is so beautiful and a wonderful way to express yourself. Although I don’t dance so much anymore, I have found myself in a career where I still get to enjoy beautiful things. Beautiful things as in weddings, flowers, gowns and the list goes on and on…


When I first saw the new collection from Laure de Sagazan, I thought, “wow, this reminds me of a ballet dancer” and sure enough, her inspiration was a poem that describes the slight, yet intricate steps of a ballerina. This makes for the perfect combo… wedding gowns inspired by a ballet dancer? Yes please! As you look through these designs, I want you to imagine a ballerina draped in elegant embroidered lace… you’ll see elegant gowns and chic jumpsuits created in pure silk and relaxed vintage and feminine silhouettes.


I hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do! I think you will 😉


Laure de Sagazan