It All Began With a Passion For Craftsmanship

We love all things wedding related here at Tacari Weddings… the pretty, the dramatic, the awe inspiring and while this will always hold true, today, we’re going to pivot a little and talk about your home (which should also be pretty, dramatic and awe inspiring). Whether you already live with your partner before the wedding or wait until you say ‘I Do’ before you share the same address, either way, we all want to be surrounded by beautiful things. Today, we’re going to look at a furniture company from Kansas City, Missouri… because, well, whether you are the new Mr and Mrs, Mrs and Mrs or Mr and Mr, having quality, beautiful furniture, especially pieces that last for generations, is at the top of your list of must-haves.

Their story is quite extraordinary…
Sam Unruh, founder of Unruh Furniture (pronounced Un-Roo), followed his wife’s advice in 2012 and took a risk. He quit his day job and started building furniture in the garage of their Kansas City home. We all take risks every day and while this risk was great for him and his family, the reward was even greater. Now, Unruh Furniture is doing great things for their community… like having a program for single moms which you can read more about here. Love a company who uses their platform to make the world a better place! Oh and they have the cutest boss ever… their dog Pete, who has mastered the art of sitting back and relaxing while others work 😉

Today, Unruh Furniture has over 20 employees and handcrafts furniture in Westminster Congregational Church. Built in 1904, this church has such history… kind of cool when you think about it. Making hand-made quality furniture for people to enjoy for years to come in a place that holds such history and memories for the residents of Kansas City. Every piece of furniture starts in their workshop with a solid piece of hardwood lumber. Nothing fake, veneer or prefabricated comes from Unruh. Only custom hand-made furniture built to your specifications.

From building a newlywed couple’s first dining table, to outfitting a family’s lake house – they’ve spent a lot of time crafting furniture that helps bring a space to life.

Now, let’s talk about the furniture… one word. Stunning! Ok, more than one word… high-caliber, customizable, stylish AND stunning. Seriously, is getting it all an option? Warning… you’re going to be obsessed… like semi-stalkerish obsessed 😉

Unruh Furniture | @unruhfurniture

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