Khosla Jani

Khosla Jani Gown

The Label


Khosla Jani is the brainchild of India’s foremost Couturiers, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. Absolutely current and eternally elegant, Khosla Jani  is distinctive, driven by detail, formal, evening, red carpet and wedding wear.


The House of Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla


The Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla label holds an unparalleled position in the world of Indian Fashion. Each ensemble is a unique meld. The richness of India’s heritage, suffused with cutting edge design makes every garment a modern masterpiece. Abu and Sandeep have established themselves as pioneers in resurrecting the best of the past and fashioning it for the future.


The duo is best distinguished for reinventing the traditional Mughal arts of chikan and zardozi. Their zealous commitment to the restoration and reinvention of Indian craft makes them true Ambassadors of Indian Style. Neither possesses any formal education in Design and joined forces in 1986. They began with a small boutique and are now the most coveted Couture label out of India. They transcend the confines of fashion and are equally at home in the fields of art, architecture and interiors.


Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla have stores in Mumbai and New Delhi and a client base that spans Europe, Middle East, North America and South-East Asia.


Khosla Jani Gown



At its core is a devotion to multiple techniques crafted to create the finest. Voluptuous fabrics, lavish embroideries and embellishments are layered to create dizzying handcrafted Style. Art, Architecture, History and Culture are influencers of this highly original expression. Twisting and tweaking the Classical to reinvent every fashion staple from the little black dress and the tailored jacket to the Red Carpet & Wedding gown, KHOSLA JANI is fabulously feminine Couture.


Design Philosophy


It is the uniquely captivating art of blending the traditional with the contemporary that Abu and Sandeep have mastered. What this fantastic designer duo have accomplished with their pioneering contribution to couture in the last three decades has awed and amazed lovers of Fashion & Art alike.


“We believe in creating the most flamboyant, unashamedly extravagant outfits; in presenting a totally glamorous version of India, and of this world, for people who have forgotten how to dream.”- Abu Sandeep

Khosla Jani Gown