As the new year begins, everyone purposefully contemplates on new reflections, new promises and new beginnings. It’s a time to improve upon those things that perhaps we’re not exactly happy with… a time to appreciate who you are and who you might want to become. Each year seems to go faster than the one previous and we easily get distracted by life. The one thing we must always remember is to have faith and believe in whatever realm that might be.


I have believed in this company for a number of years and have had faith that this idea would one day come to fruition. With an extensive background in advertising and marketing and a true love for inspiring couples, it seemed only natural to provide an avenue where ideas and tips could be shared in an open forum for all to enjoy.


Within the pages of this site are ideas for how you can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of… and if you didn’t think about your wedding until now and you’re only a month out, that’s ok, as we have you covered too. My hope is that no matter your style, your budget, your wants or your needs, that you will allow us to remove you from the struggles of every day and just enjoy some time with your partner and dream. Dream of what you have had, what you have now and what you will have in your future together, because that’s what life is all about.


Tanya, CEO/Editor-in-Chief