Looking For The Perfect Skincare?

I have been moisturizing my skin for years… ever since I was a little girl, my mom has instilled in me to always take care of my skin. She was right (she’s always right ūüėČ When I found out about this company called Brevena, I had heard about it, but never tried it myself. Let me tell you something… it’s the best moisturizer EVER! I am now obsessed with their overnight creme and their foot and heel repair (I’m in Florida and I wear a lot of flip flops). You must try their products, they are amazing!


This skincare line utilizes Macro B Complex¬ģ, a compound utilized by plastic surgeons for over 20 years to treat damaged skin.This ground-breaking technology begins with oat beta glucan, a powerful botanical element found in the cell wall of an oat. Through BREVENA‚Äôs proprietary purification process, oat beta glucan is transformed into the healing powerhouse known as, Macro B Complex¬ģ. This technology has been trusted by doctors and plastic surgeons for over 20 years to successfully treat traumatized skin in burn centers nationwide. The unique, cellular friendly properties of Macro B Complex¬ģ have proven to accelerate the healing process of the most damaged skin making it the ideal formula to calm sensitive skin, replenish severely dry skin¬†and soothe irritation.


Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream From Brevena

Swimming and the summer sun can dry out your skin. Replenish the moisture and heal your skin with BREVENA’s Restore & Hydrate Overnight Creme.  A rich, comforting night cream that nourishes and firms your skin while you sleep.



Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

Improves dryness

Restores firmness and elasticity

Leaves skin replenished and luminous

Dermatologist tested. Fragrance-free, dye-free, & steroid-free



Intensive Foot & Heel Repair With Brevena

Noticeably smoothes and softens dry cracked feet and heels



Significantly improves skin texture, moisture, and hydration

Helps protect your feet and lock in moisture

Softens and conditions tough calluses

Fragrance-free, dye-free, steroid-free