More Tequila than Champagne: Create Your Dream Wedding by Letting Your Personality Shine

Let’s just say it – traditional weddings are boring.


Now, before you stop reading and write us off as too edgy, let’s back up just a bit. We love a good, old fashioned wedding. Flowing white dress, rich red roses, picturesque location, and the most beautiful day of your life. We love it! We’re on board.


You know what’s more exciting than a traditional wedding? Creating the wedding of your dreams. Saying YES to every single desire and fantasy you’ve had since you were a girl. Going all out with a uniquely planned and designed destination wedding. This includes our personal favorite, choosing tequila over champagne every single time.


Keep reading to learn how to create your dream wedding by letting your personality shine…



Embrace Your Inner Bad B***h

Samuel Goh Photography | Two Brides in Black DressesPhoto by Samuel Goh Photography | | @samuelgoh


The very first thing you’re going to need to do, before choosing jet black bridesmaid dresses (YES!) or sugar skull centerpieces, is to find your inner bad b***h. We’re talking about the take-no-prisoners woman you are at work. The knows-what-she-wants woman you are with your fiancé. Find this inner bad**s and embrace her. Once you’ve become best friends with your inner supreme woman, it’s time to channel her into creating your dream wedding. This is easier said than done, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to put into practice either.


What does this look like? Well, ask yourself:

* What theme do I want for my wedding? Not what theme does my fiancé want and not what theme does my mother want. What theme do I want?

* Where do I want to get married? Not where I can afford to get married and not where it’s sensible to get married. Ask yourself where you REALLY want to get married.

* What unique parts of myself can I harness to make my wedding unique? These can range from your taste in music to your personal style to something as random as your preference on orchids vs. roses.


Now, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg. They’ll help you get an idea of just how you can create a one-of-a-kind experience for yourself, your fiancé, and your friends and family. It’s important to stop here, though, and make something VERY clear.


Don’t Get Carried Away (AKA Don’t Be an A**hole)


Don’t become a drama queen. Don’t be an a**hole. Don’t make this day all about you (even though it kind of is). The distinction in this last point – how to have your wedding be all about you and a celebration of the joining of two families – is basically the hardest thing in the world. Successfully mastering it is what sets a girl apart from a woman. It’s what makes one bride a bridezilla and another the creator of a unique experience for her guests.


Alright, so remember no bridezillas. That’s the second step. The final step is to get the best professional help money can buy. We’re talking high end, luxurious professional help. We’re talking the people who know how to translate dreams into beautiful realities.


Invest in Your Wedding Experience 


We’re going to be completely upfront before going any further. We’re ROCKNEVENTS, a wedding and event planning brand in LA. That doesn’t mean we’re telling you that we’re the right designers and planners for you. You need to pick the company that speaks to your heart. We hope it’s us, but it’s totally okay if it’s not!


Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk hiring professionals. You’re going to need help to create your dream wedding. Some of this help is going to be from modern wedding planners for the inner rock star in you. Sure, your fiancé can help. Sure, your girlfriends can help. Sure, your mom can help… but none of them have insider connections that are going to get you the best bouquets at the most affordable prices. None of them know how to snag a celebrity appearance (if that’s your kind of thing!). None of them are professionals.


We can’t overstate the importance of hiring the RIGHT professionals. Find the company – and find the men and women – who just GET your vision. You want to create the perfect day to highlight your unique, bada** self? Then don’t stop until you’ve found the people who can make that happen. A good rule of thumb? Your wedding planner should be like your best friend mixed with your mentor. Think someone who just kind of gets it mixed with someone who’s going to push you to be the best you can be. Someone who can finish your sentences and get the job done right. Someone who can coordinate like a boss, without the attitude. That’s the wedding professional you want and that’s the wedding professional you’re going to need to let your unique personality shine through!




Jenny Chang, Founder of ROCKNEVENTS

Jenny Chang is the new and fresh visionary in today’s world of Weddings & Special Events. Jenny is famous for her vivacious personality, passion for paragon, and confident nature in producing seamless and one-of-a kind designed celebrations. Since founding Rock N’ Events in summer of 2013, Jenny has been featured in numerous world-renowned publications including Southern California Bride, Wedding Chicks, Daily Breeze. Most Recently, she has been awarded to be the Top 10 Best Coordinators in Los Angeles & Orange County by, Junebug Weddings. Jenny has led a team of the most executive designers, producers and marketing specialists to support and create the dreams and goals of all Star Members.


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