Mr and Mrs Jonas

It’s only been a few months since we first caught a glimpse of the rock that Nick Jonas placed on the finger of Priyanka Chopra, but since then, there have been many a speculation about when and how their nuptials would take place. Now, we have confirmation that the future Mrs. Jonas only has a few weeks left until she walks down the aisle and the new conversation revolves around her dress! We are lucky enough to have the predictions from four designers as to what they envision Priyanka will wear as a bride. Each is unique and all would be a perfect choice!


First up is Alexandra Grecco, she designs for the “non-traditional” bride and her newest collection – The Magic Hour – includes many dresses that she believes would be well suited for Priyanka. “Pulling from her bridal shower look, I am imagine Priyanka keeping things fun and flirty with her wedding dress. Something she can dance the night away in, while feeling elegant and beautiful. Maybe with a pop of colour.” The Magic Hour collection incorporates feathers, pearls, dip dyed skirts and loads of unique textures that are a step up from Priyanka’s bridal shower look. If that dress was any sort of hint, Alexandra Grecco may be on the right track!

Rime Arodaky believes that Priyanka will go even farther than texture and will opt for a dress similar to their “Duncan” gown. A complete stand out piece, Priyanka is one of few brides that would be able to pull this off. The designer says, “We would love to see Priyanka wearing a gown like our Duncan dress, because this gown is a pure statement. It’s couture, it’s sexy, strong, fun and minimal, just like Priyanka. The lightness of the fabric and the wow factor of the bustier would enhance her silhouette in a spectacular way.” It’s definitely a daring choice, but one that would leave her admirers talking!

Describing their dresses as having “luxurious fabrics, exquisite details and flattering, feminine silhouettes”, Watters has a different prediction in mind for Priyanka. Keeping in mind that they will be having a Christian ceremony, they have chosen a slightly more traditional option. “For her Christian ceremony we imagine the bride-to-be will wear a modern dress in a form-fitting silhouette that’s fully embellished with intricate beading and sparkles foreshadowed by Priyanka’s bridal shower outfit. The ‘Thais’ dress would compliment her beautiful shape. Their choice follows suit with a beautiful textured skirt, but unlike the Arodaky gown, it is a bit more covered and very church appropriate!

Lastly, a prediction has been made by L Wells. “I would love to see her as a modern day princess, I imagine her wearing a gown with tons of lace and silk fabric with a beautifully draped bodice and boning to show off her great figure.” Their predictions will let Priyanka float down the aisle, not leaving behind gorgeous texture, but giving a beautiful bridal feel to her look. Every single prediction would make Priyanka a beautiful bride and we know that whatever she chooses, we will love! There are only a few weeks left until the big reveal of the brand new Mrs. Jonas! Let us know, what do you predict the bride-to-be will wear?


Kate Lutes | Tacari Weddings