New website curates itineraries and trip personalization


I don’t know about you, but when I start looking for destinations for vacation spots, I research and research and research some more. I am looking through website after website, putting together excursions, activities, restaurants to visit, etc. By the time I get done, so much time has gone by and I’ve forgotten everything I saw before because it’s information overload. Well, a company has eliminated all of that. müvTravel allows you to browse the top 500 destinations in the world or search for a destination of choice. Explore all of your options in those destinations including attractions, activities, restaurants, nightlife, spas and events. Filter by your interests and discover new places. Add them to your bucket list for immediate or future use and then start all over again with a new destination.


müvTravel, the newest digital platform for travel planning, itinerary building and trip personalization, has announced its official launch. With a mission to create a one-stop solution for travel enthusiasts to discover, dream, plan and share their next trip, müvTravel’s AI powered technology provides tools to create and customize travel plans – including activities, transportation (flight, train, bus) and accommodation options worldwide – from start to finish, all on one platform.


“Our idea is simple,” said Michel Karam, Chief Experience Officer and Founder of müvTravel. “We’re filling a void in the market, by providing the essential tools needed in one place, to plan, share and book upcoming travel plans in mere minutes instead of hours or days. Our AI technology captures popularity and user sentiment for top attractions and hotels, and determines worldwide rankings in 500 of the world’s top destinations, providing users with the best options without having to read dozens of reviews.”



Whether users are actively planning a vacation, or just interested in discovering a new destination and curating a dream trip, müvTravel provides the necessary tools and steps needed to simplify the process and make sure they do not miss anything worthwhile, during their trip. By clicking on your first destination, followed by the number of days you’re planning to be there, the platform then enables you to begin creating a customized itinerary. You can add more days or additional destinations as needed. Karam Continued, “müvTravel allows users to build optimal itineraries from any selection of activities for any number of days. As we learn more about our users’ habits and interests, we will be able to offer them personalized journeys and put them in touch with like-minded travelers for suggestions and recommendations.”


As you add activities, the website will calculate transportation times from one activity to the next, suggest duration based on the number of places you want to visit and the time you have. When you are finished just click on the “Optimize my itinerary” to get the best routes for each day of your stay. Once an itinerary is complete, users can search for hotel and flight availability with müvTravel’s price comparators and book with any of various travel partners. A “sharing” option allows users to share their complete itinerary with fellow travelers for group planning, family members or social media followers interested in tracking your journey or friends who might want to follow in your footsteps for their next trip.


To begin planning your next getaway, visit muvtravel.com


About müvTravel

müvTravel was created by a team of travel enthusiasts looking to cut through the clutter of searching and planning trips online. We have curated the best attractions, activities, restaurants, hotels & shopping experiences in top destinations around the world, all in one place. We’ve built easy-to-use trip planning tools, to help you create and manage your entire itinerary, and then share with your friends and family.  müv means motion and emotion. We want to move you, and enable you to discover the world, to become a true traveler – not just a tourist. Through our platform, you will be introduced to under-the-radar destinations you never knew existed, and discover unique things to do, places to stay and restaurants to dine in, around the world. Start dreaming about your trip, and we’ll help make it happen. For more information visit muvtravel.com.