Netta BenShabu Elite Couture Fashion House

Established in 2013, the namesake Couture brand was founded by Netta herself, an Israeli born and raised Elite Couture designer who is now based in the United States.


Netta’s affair with the fashion industry begins a long time ago as a little girl. Born in 1985, since she can remember, she has been drawing and sketching. “The dream always revolved around the couture… ever extravagant and out of the ordinary” Being addictive to the passion, to the art and to the exceptional materials, she pursued her passion and majored first in Art and later on, in Fashion, always consistently updated and linked to the Couture world.


In 2015, relatively new to the industry, she rose to stardom in the Bridal world after she launched her “Queen Palace” collection. Today, Netta BenShabu is a known Elite Couture designer and her collections are one of  the most anticipated collections in the industry among brides ,fashionistas, bloggers and boutiques around the world. In Each and every gown in her line, Netta created her vision, each gown is a masterpiece designed solely by Netta, crafted with the most delicate high end laces and luxurious fabrics hand embroidered with crystals  Swarovski and unique beading and patterns, the cut the silhouette all designed to fit, flatter and accentuate the female form.


In the making of every gown the focus is on high quality materials and premium level finishes. Each and every gown is crafted with an eye for details and Netta oversees the entire processes from the first seam to the last bead. She is a diehard perfectionist who is passionate and addicted to her creations. Now she is pursuing the dream of making it a worldwide known phenomenon.