Aida and Valon

Brooklyn, New York



Photography and Styling | Gadson Photography & Design | @gadsonphotographyanddesign

Location | Brooklyn Bridge

From the Photographer

I met Aida and Valon for the very first time during their photo shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge while I was visiting New York. Even though they’d been in each other’s lives for ten years and were coming up on their fifth wedding anniversary, their chemistry and connection was pure fire and magic all rolled into one. I styled their shoot with a romantic/organic vision in mind and they took care of the rest. I’ve never seen a couple this into each other and so madly in love! 


  Their Love Story

For a long time before meeting each other, Aida’s sister and her cousin would always mention this great guy that would be perfect for her. Aida was only twenty and was at a point in her life where she wasn’t looking for a relationship, just yet. But God had his own plans, because from the moment they were introduced, Aida and Valon were practically inseparable. Aida was with one of her best friends at the time and her sister was with her friends and they were all going out to an Albanian concert/Christmas party. They met Aida’s cousin and her now husband Valon, outside of the Highline Ballroom and headed up to start the party. When Aida and Valon stopped at the bar for drinks, Aida grabbed a straw for her Red Bull and proceeded to have a conversation with her friend. Before she knew it, her straw had sunk into her drink to the point where she couldn’t use it anymore. As she turned around to go grab another one, there was Valon with 10 straws in his hand, ready for her! Then the music began to really play and he grabbed her by the hand and said, “Wanna get this party started?” They began dancing and between the look in Valon’s eyes and his dance moves to the traditional Albanian music, Aida was hooked! Valon had made his way into her world and captured her attention and affection, whether he knew it or not.


At the end of the party, as Aida texted her brother to let him know they were on their way home, Valon asked who she could possibly be texting at 4am that wasn’t him. And he took her phone and texted himself so that they would have each others’ information. Twenty minutes after they parted ways Valon texted her for the first time and to this day, hasn’t stopped! Christmas marked their 10 year anniversary of being in each other’s lives and guess what- the same singer from the Albanian party years ago was performing again ten years later. Safe to say they planned to celebrate their love how it all started, dancing and laughing the night away!