From the Photographer

I remember them telling me the story about how they met. Ashley and Elder said it was a weird twist of fate. Ashley was asking her friend “Hey does that guy your dating have any friends?” Not moments later, did that friends phone ring, with her date asking, “Hey, do you have any friends?”. Soon, Ashley and Elder found themselves on a double date at Spirit Mountain Casino. They spent the day getting to know each other over the penny slots.


The cologne photographed in Ashley’s Father’s hands, is the exact same bottle of cologne he wore on his wedding day to her mother. He brought it to wear on her wedding day as he watched Ashley get married. He shared the story with me just before he helped Elder with the final adjustments on his suit… it was a sweet moment to watch; one I know Ashley will be happy to see years down the road. That’s one wonderful thing about getting ready photos, your future spouse will get to see special moments from the day, some involving their own family, that they weren’t physically a part of.


When the couple returned from taking photos, Ashley joined her Dad on the dance floor. Next up was Elder for their first dance as Husband and Wife. The sunset behind them over the Bahía de Banderas was beautiful, as they danced to the song her parents did on their wedding day.