Ashley and Nicholas

Columbus, Ohio



Photography | Asteria Photography | @asteriaphoto

Venue | The Ivory Room | @cmpe_columbus

Floral Designer | Martina Liana@martinalianabridal

Gown Salon | White of Dublin @whiteofdublin

Men’s Attire | Romanoff’s Classic Tuxedos @romanofftuxedos

Hair Stylist | Kenneth’s | @kennethshairsalon

Makeup Artist | Amber Preston | @marigold_studios

Cake Designer | Cakes by Connie Holland

Caterer | Cameron Mitchell Catering | @cmpe_columbus

DJ | Encore Entertainment DJ

Musicians | Columbus Musicians

Invitation Designer | Minted | @minted

As Nick puts it, he flirted with her sisters and danced with her mother before he even got the chance to meet her. Ashley, quietly asleep in bed at the time, got a photo in a text from her sisters and was given a name and a phone number the next morning. A single text was the spark that started an eternal love flame…


Believing that God has a plan and allows things to happen for a reason, it was an interesting road that these two travelled to be where they are today. What started with seemingly endless conversations and attraction was thrown a curveball. With a new teaching job opportunity in South Carolina, Ashley was hesitant to become too invested in a relationship that would separate them by over 600 miles. Nick wasn’t about to let that stop the potential he saw in Ashley. He told her, “I’d rather try than live my whole life wondering what if?” Kane Brown’s song “What if” became their anthem and was the first song they ever slow-danced to in Nick’s living room.

Ashley’s passion for teaching and adventurous spirit led her to Bluffton, SC to pursue her desire to live in a different state while establishing her own independence before wanting to settle down. Before her departure, Ashley and Nick stood in each others’ arms in Ashley’s parents’ driveway. This is where Ashley told Nick for the first time that she loved him. The sentiment was mutual and Nick proclaimed his love for Ashley as well. Long, daily phone conversations allowed the emotional relationship to flourish. Challenges, hardships, home-sickness, and more were conquered by a love bound with a deep faith. Weekend visits and get-aways created fun new experiences together in new places that added memories and momentos to this love story.


By Christmas, Nick had asked Ashley to move back to Dublin, OH and share his house to make it their home. She took a risk by leaving her full-time teaching position in SC and in the middle of a lease to return to a competitive job market and new environment. By mid-March Nick had concluded his 4 month search for the perfect diamond ring that would match Ashley’s timeless, elegant style and gained her father’s permission to ask for her hand in marriage.


On a warmer than average Sunday evening in March, Ashley and Nick were invited to the Ward’s house for dinner. Nick knew Ashley didn’t want an over-the-top proposal so he decided that this would be the day. Ashley’s beloved French bulldog, Harley, had become a bit notorious for leaving little “presents” on the floor in the house. So with a roll of toilet paper in hand, Nick approached Ashley who was resting on the couch after dinner to inform her that he had discovered Harley’s dirty deed in the backseat of his car. As Ashley reached for the car’s door handle, Nick pulled her away from the car and to the spot where they had first confessed their love for one another. Nick dropped down on one knee and asked Ashley to be his wife… and they lived happily ever after!