From the Photographer

Belinda and Sam’s Stablegate Winery wedding was perfect from start to finish! They had every detail planned perfectly and incorporated so many special moments. I’ve yet to see a Grooms mom help him get ready, but let me say, it is probably my favorite yet. His mom said “I’ve tied his tie since he was a little boy, so I thought I’d do it today too!” and it was just perfect.  Belinda and Sam shared a private first look and had gotten each other surprise wedding bands and showed them to one another just after their first look. Sam’s had an extra special incorporation of a layer that had been his Grandfather’s ring and another layer that contained the ashes of his childhood pup. Needless to say, tears fell when he saw the ring and learned of the contents and I’m pretty sure that his ring is one of the most special pieces of wedding jewelry I’ve seen! Their ceremony was just before sunset, filled with touching words and special friends and family and of course wrapped up with the tossing of dried flower petals! We were then blessed with a sunset to rival all sunsets! Lastly, to incorporate and share their heritage with each others families, they celebrated with a Hora dance as well as a Tinikling, Filipino dance. This Stablegage Winery wedding was truly magical from start to finish! Here’s to the newlyweds, to shared tradition, to special moments and to many happy years together!