Boone and Zach

Monroe, Georgia



Photography | A Focused Life Photography | @afocusedlife

Ceremony Venue | Saint Anna’s Catholic Church

Reception Venue | Fair Weather Farms

How We Met


High school, hormones, hexagons. We first laid eyes upon each other in freshman year geometry class. From that moment, we kindled a friendship that eventually blossomed into love four whole years later. That love continued to soar to new heights on top of Stone Mountain, and after the sunset of our high school careers, our hearts found their home. From that rock to the one on Boone’s finger, our journey has been one of tremendous love, deep respect, and everlasting joy.


The Proposal


What do you do when you love someone more than anything and want to spend the rest of your life with them? Quite simple, really, you ask them to marry you. And that, my friends and family, is exactly what happened. Overlooking the beauty at Cloudland Canyon State Park, we just so happened to put a ring on it (Denali had to help, of course). And Just like that, we were engaged. We are so very happy to celebrate the next chapter of our lives.