How Did You Meet?

Andreas and Briana met 9.5 years ago in their hometown of Stamford, Connecticut. They were both home for a summer break, but at the time, Briana was living in New York city and Andreas was in California, two completely opposite states across the country! There was instant chemistry and for the remaining days left of summer, they spent every single day together. When it came time to go back to their prospective states, they made a decision to date long distance. After about a year, Briana decided to move to Los Angeles to live with Andreas. From there, the rest is history… they have been living in Santa Monica ever since!


How Was the Romantic Proposal?

Going on hikes is one of Briana and Andreas’ most favorite things to do together, the combination of working out and taking in the beauty of nature is one of the reasons they love living in California. So, on September 14, 2019, on a hike in Pacific Palisades when they reached the top, Andreas got down on one knee! It was the most magical moment filled with happiness and joy and to top it off, the view was spectacular… the sky was crystal clear, the ocean was glistening and the birds were singing all around us.

What was your inspiration for your wedding theme/colors and how did you incorporate it?

Cabo San Lucas is one. Of our favorite places on Earth, we have been vacationing here for many years and we always dreamt of getting married there. One of the most special things about Cabo is it’s tropical vibrancy. It was important to us to encapsulate that feeling tone and bring in as many exotic  and colorful flowers into the theme of our wedding. We wanted it to feel like you went into a secret garden and selected the most wild and bright flowers you could fins. Bonnie was able to really convey that in the flower selection and we were both absolutely blown away by the final product


How was the planning process?

We both have a very strong Type-A personality so details and planning is a key component to the way we exist. We started planning a little over a year prior to the wedding day and bonnie was incredible in her ability to keep us calm and organized through all the chaos of planning. What was most impressive was her help in finding the highest quality vendors. It is evident that she shares a symbiotic rapport with the vendors and this gave us great peace of mind in knowing vendors would be able to deliver on the wedding day due the respect and trust built between them. We are over the moon with how our wedding weekend turned out and wish we could relive it all over again.


Do you have any special or memorable moments from your wedding day you’d like to share?

Basically every moment and details was planned to a T, which is super important. But one thing we really didn’t prepare for or “choreograph” was our first dance. Andreas and I love dancing and have an ability to read each other’s energy on the dance floor. Therefore, we kind of “winged” it for our first dance and it ended up being the most special moment of the entire night for us because we both felt so completely present and in the moment. As we look back at our first dance, it brings us to this enchanting moment where we felt like it was just the two of us dancing under the stars despite the 100+ people around us watching.