Brianna and Randy

Waupaca, Wisconsin



Photography | Ashlea Snell Photography | @ashleasnellphotography

Venue | Private Residence

Floral Designer | Branching Out and Company | @branchingoutandcompany

Gown Designer | Stella York @stellas_york_wpg

Gown Salon | Elegant Occasions Wedding Boutique @elegant.occasions

I walked into the house where the girls were getting ready and they all were glowing! They all had adorable pink matching robes on, serious on point makeup (thank you Aj Miller!) and they had the music going to get them ready for the day! I walked in and saw Brianna’s dress and melted. Ah! I walked back out and saw her bouquets and literally just melted again. Branching out and Company seriously nailed the bouquet and floral design. Then, Brianna walked in and had a flower crown. I’m pretty sure my entire body was just screaming because I’ve secretly been dying to shoot a bride with a flower crown. I mean come on, they are gorgeous!


Brianna was the most perfect bride for a flower crown. When we got to the park to take some photos prior to the first look she placed it on her head and it was like she was always made to wear a crown. So stunning! We had fun with the girls, and got some fun bridesmaid photos and then it was time for the first look with Randy and Bri! This is one of my most favorite times in a wedding day. It’s a time where the bride and groom get to see each other prior to the wedding to take some time for themselves and calm nerves and get ready for the ceremony. This time was so precious. Randy and Bri had tears in their eyes as they admired one another.

We went to the ceremony, which was also at the Red Mill as it was only fitting since that’s where they had so many amazing memories. It was set up so perfect. They had their closest family and friends beside them as the officiant nailed the ceremony. He had Everyone laughing while Bri and Randy recited vows and everyone cried. One super unique idea they had was to write love letters that day and put them in a box for them to open up in 10 years. They nailed it shut and it was definitely a memorable time in the ceremony!


After the ceremony, family formals and bridal party photos as the bridal party headed out to have some fun, we headed to the Indian Crossing Casino to get reception details! I loved their set up here, it was so beautiful! They had gorgeous geometric shapes with flowers and the theme flowed so nice! They also had a cute idea of a frame and as you took a photo of yourself and your group with a Polaroid, you’d sign it and place it in the frame! Ah! I died. Such a cute idea! Also, they had an ice cream sandwich bar. So, to say the least, that was also incredible.


The speeches and memories given were so memorable and there was so much laughter, and many happy tears shed. Then we slipped out for a gorgeous sunset by the water photos! Again, absolutely amazing! I think I could go on and on about this day, and could talk your ear off on how the details were ever so perfect. How Randy and Brianna were so gorgeous. How the bridal party was SO FUN and how they helped make this day amazing.