On November 10, 2018, we witnessed the wedding of the happiest couple we have covered yet – Mitch and Cerbi. They are simple and elegant folks who met at a track meet in high school. Mitch was swept off his feet when he saw Cerbi and asked about her to the track coach. Cerbi agreed to go on a date with him and it was Mitch’s greatest day ever though Cerbi didn’t think much of it. Though they parted ways for a while, Mitch was tenacious.


Fortunately, they met at Fort Worth where Mitch, an estimator for a construction company, was taken because of work, and Cerbi, a high school math teacher, because of graduate school. Cerbi was popular and naturally, had many good friends with one of whom Mitch showed up at church. At that moment, they both realized it was meant to be. Fate had allowed them to cross paths again. They truly are a perfect match.


They went ring shopping on a Thursday and two days later, Mitch asked Cerbi’s father for her hand. He bought a ring and all this time Cerbi had no idea about anything. They went hiking on Sunday at Eagle Mountain Park and there was the most resplendent spot that Cerbi absolutely loved. Mitch proposed there with only the two of them standing in the enchanted spot. It became Cerbi’s most memorable day. Mitch and Cerbi had one of the best weddings at Pecan Plantation Country Club in Granbury, Texas.