Cierra and Brad

San Diego, California



Photography | Gabriel Conover Photography |

Location | Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

From the Photographer

Cierra and Brad were some of the first people to book me for their wedding in 2020. Unfortunately, 2020 hates everyone and forced them to postpone to next year. But that didn’t stop them from having an elopement at Sunset Cliffs. We did their super fun and gorgeous engagement shoot over at Balboa park and you should definitely check it out.

We went at sunrise and it was literally empty. Not a single person in sight. Besides this random guy that wanted to do a gainer for the first time off the cliffs. We got to watch. It was pretty cool. It was so relaxing being at Sunset Cliffs for an elopement without 5000 other people there watching us the whole time. How often do you get the whole beach to yourself you know?!?!


Cierra bought a brand new dress, had her hair done incredibly and looked like a freakin mermaid, and met up with me and one of their closest friends for this awesome morning. Sunrise shoots are honestly too easy for me to get up for. Maybe it’s cause I have kids?! Or maybe it’s cause I used to open at Starbucks and it got me used to this ungodly hour. ANYWAYS, I hope you love looking through these as much as I loved being a part of it!