Dakotah and Ian



Photography | Gabriel Conover Photography | @gabrielconover

Venue | Private Residence

Gown Designer | Willowby by Watters | @willowbywatters

Gown Salon | a&be Bridal Shop @aandbe_bridalshop

The day after Ian & Dakotah’s wedding, we ventured up past Duluth along the coast of Lake Superior for a day after bridal shoot. I flew out to Minnesota to shoot their wedding back in May. I met Ian and Dakotah at their friend’s wedding in San Diego, California… their friends referred them to me while they were here! Dakotah has always dreamed of living in San Diego. Naturally, she wanted to do her engagement photos there! We had so much fun on their engagement shoot, that they wanted to fly me to Minnesota for their wedding as well!


What is the first thing you think of when you hear Minnesota? Flat land and lakes right? Well, yeah, me too! But, I was determined to find something extraordinary while I was there! These two suggested I look around Lake Superior so we could take some epic wedding bridal photos! Me wanting to find the most epic spot possible, spent hours researching how to get to certain spots along the lake. Unfortunately, we only had time to go to one spot. Since I had never really been there before, I knew that I had one chance to find the exact spot I was looking for. This is where my rad navigating skills came in. Long story short, we literally stumbled upon the exact spot I was looking for. Everything just fell right into place! We raced down the main road to make it there in time! We definitely got flipped off by an old lady who was going 20 miles under the speed limit. But is that really our fault?


This incredible location gave us the perfect view of the Split Rock Lighthouse which I had never heard of until I knew we were going to do this shoot. Ironically, one of my clients got me a book for my son that was all about the places in Minnesota. I even have the opportunity to shoot that random clients wedding in 2020! Yay! There was a picture of the lighthouse in it and I got to tell my son I was going there! Now, every time we read that book, he points at the lighthouse and says “dad! you went there!” Definitely something I will never forget!


As we were walking towards our location, we passed by a group of campers who were just so excited to see the bride and groom at Lake Superior after their wedding day. I bet they were just blown away! What are the chances that you see a random newlywed couple while you are out camping? They congratulated them and we were on our way. When we were heading back to the car after dusk, they blessed the bride and groom with an impromptu song about the two of them. The guy literally made up the lyrics on the spot! It was magical! Ian and Dakotah finished off the night with a dance that seemed like it was straight out of a movie. I swear there must have been people filming, because it was just that unreal!