Daniel and Amanda




Photography | SvenStudios | @svenstudios

Venue | Pepper Tree Family Cafe

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I was super excited to be a part of Amanda and Daniel’s wedding at the Pepper Tree Café due in no small part to Daniel’s enthusiasm and endearing eagerness to hold the most perfect wedding possible for his bride to be. He was in constant contact, making sure I knew all the details including how well the dancing lessons I had got them at Dance Amor were doing, and how the Pepper Tree was going to be set up on the day.


Everything he had planned came to fruition on the day, with the slight unfortunate hiccup of a bit of rain directly after the ceremony. Fortunately it let up a bit for us to get out and about in the garden for a few photos 😉


I started the day as I usually do at Daniel’s place of preparation. He and his boys were all getting ready and were in various stages of undress when I arrived. Daniel was keen on having everything set up and running smoothly – he was obviously excited! I then head over to where Amanda and her bridal party were being prepared – the atmosphere was noticeably more laid back and fun filled with the ladies, with laughter and fun times being had. Emotions were high when gifts were handed out which made for some marvelously genuine photos!


Pepper Tree Cafe Wedding Ceremony

The Pepper Tree Café was a wedding venue I had not yet had the privilege of visiting, but it turned out to be a lovely little intimate space in Aldinga, featuring a large Pepper Tree (naturally) alongside a rustic live music and dining area surrounded by a nice mix of curated garden and wilder natural scenes. Quite a nice spot for photography.


Their wedding ceremony took place on the grassy area in the centre of the gardens, with all the guests standing either side of an aisle lined by small lanterns. The rain was threatening by this time, but thankfully held off until after I had my drone in the air and took a couple of group photos.


Glamour Photos

Directly after the ceremony ended we had to rush into the Café area to avoid the rather heavy rain that was now falling. We made use of the time to take family photos on the stage and have a bit of a mingle with guests. Once it was evident that the rain had set in a bit, Amanda and Daniel decided we’d need to head out in the rain for a few photos, so that’s what we did. Thankfully soon after this decision, the rain stopped for long enough for some proper shots around the garden.


Pepper Tree Wedding Reception

The reception area at the pepper Tree Café is an intimate, rustic little area, decorated with steel and wooden styling, akin to an old wool shed. The area boasts a nice live music stage and room enough for a modest congregation. Amanda and Daniel’s reception was a lovely display of heartfelt speeches, impromptu bagpipe recitals and high running emotions, it was a ball to be a part of!