Dia and Hector

Las Vegas, Nevada



Photography | Alycia Moore Photography and Videography | @alyciamoorephoto

Location | Eldorado Dry Lake Bed

Location | Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Gown Salon | Bowties Bridal Boutique and Tuxedoe @bowtiesbridal

Men’s Attire | Tux One

Shoes | Aldo Shoes | @aldo_shoes

Shoes | Salvatore Ferragamo | @ferragamo

Ring Designer | Blue Nile @bluenilediamond

Ring Designer | Padis Jewelry | @padisjewelry

Dia and Hector eloped in Las Vegas! You can’t tell from their joyful faces but we had blisteringly cold winds (The coldest on record for this date since 1948!) but they were SUCH troopers. They drove to Las Vegas to elope all the way from San Francisco and we had a fantastic time driving around and picking the most picturesque spots for photos.


The El Dorado Dry Lake Bed and Sloan National Conservation Area are two locations that are pretty close to each other but with vastly different sceneries. The Dry Lake Bed is just flat and cracked bare earth while Sloan National Conservation Area is lush with desert greenery (yes that’s a thing!) and picturesque mountains. This couple was such a pleasure to work with and were some of the most down to earth and real people I’ve met in a long time.