From the Photographer

Ebony and Ryan originally had their date booked in June and had moved their wedding date to the first weekend of September, as they were adamant on getting married this year! They had an evening ceremony and a quick photo session afterwards.


How did you two meet?

We met 5.5 years ago online on the Dating App, Plenty of Fish. Ryan was very persistent, we talked for 3 weeks straight over the Christmas holidays.


What was your first date like?

Our first date was at Chicopee tube park. It was a bit awkward at first as we had basically just met. It was kind of hard to have much of a conversation, especially going down a hill screaming our heads off. So, we decided to go for drinks afterwards at Jackastors Bar and Grill in order to have a more personable interaction with each other. And he tried to kiss me at the end of the night, which he still tries to deny!


Tell us about the proposal

We had planned a trip to the Toronto Distillery, I’ve told Ryan I’ve always wanted to go, and said it would be nice to make a day trip down there one day. Ryan surprised me with dinner at the popular taco restaurant ‘El Catrin’ and told me to order whatever I wanted and to order as many items as I’d like… so I did! After exploring and shopping through out the day and wrapping up our lovely dinner with dessert. Ryan and I took Avery for one last stroll down the cobble stones. Then Ryan handed me a blue lock and key and told me to put our names and date on it because it was a night to remember and that we were going to lock it on the ‘Love’ wall. As I was putting our lock onto the ‘o’ I felt a tap at the back of my leg and I turned around and it was Ryan down on one knee. I was too busy crying to even hear all of the amazing things he was saying to me in his proposals, that all I remembered saying was no, while I shook my head because I couldn’t believe it was even happening. So I had to get him to repeat it to me over a few times, until it sunk in… and then I said YES!!


What does your perfect date night look like?

Having a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant or at home with some drinks and maybe watch a funny or action film at end the night.


When you run a 30 second highlight reel of your upcoming wedding in your mind, what do you see?

Family and friends enjoying themselves, engaging in conversations, laughing and not worrying about anything.