Emily and Zach

Iowa City, Iowa



Photographer | TYS Photos | @tysphotos

Venue | Lake MacBride Golf & Event Center


So Zach and I had worked at the same hyvee in Davenport. He worked in produce and I worked in pay station right next to the produce. At first I would flirt with him and talk to him but he seemed shy and didn’t talk much. But then a friend of mine had asked if he had a girlfriend and he said no then he figured out she was asking because I was interested. Turned out he was also interested so it all worked out after that. For the proposal we had talked about getting engaged for a while and had planned on considering it seriously when I graduated college. I graduated in December and a few months had gone by since then and I wasn’t sure when he would propose. Then one random rainy day Zach had asked if I wanted to go to lunch at my favorite restaurant Atlas in Iowa city and of course I said sure not thinking anything of it. We went and had lunch and had planned on going to the pentacrest at the University of Iowa to walk around. But it was so rainy and windy we just decided to go home. On our walk to our car we had been talking about the school district for Iowa city for some reason. I was telling him it would be a great place to raise kids. Zach had agreed and when we got in the car he acted kind of weird. I thought nothing of it but then he turned to me and said “I want to have a family with you someday” and I said “yeah I know me too”. Then all of a sudden he pulled out the ring and said “Emily Rose Hankes” will you marry me? And of course I said yes I didn’t expect it at all it was such a surprise!