Gabriella and Jordan

Sydney, Australia


Invitation Designer | Bwedding Invitations | @invitationbwedding

Ceremony Venue | St Francis of Assis Paddington

Reception Venue | Intercontinental Double Bay | @intercontinentaldoublebay and @intercontinental

Gown Designer | Elly Sofcoli | @ellysofcoli

Makeup Artist | Amelia Axton | @ameliaaxton

 Hair Stylist | Stylish Notts

Shoes | Prada | @prada

Accessories | Bride wore her Grandmother’s earrings

Printing | Inktank Printing | @inktankprinting

Bridesmaids Dresses | White Butterfly Bridal Couture | @white_butterfly_bridal_couture

Grooms Suit | Custom Institchu | @institchu

Photographer | Image Haus | @imagehausweddings

Stationery | Mazii Collection | @maziicollection

Flowers | Jane’s Florist | @flowers_by_jane


How did you and your partner meet? How did he propose?

We met at the end of 2012. Jordan saw a picture of me on Instagram and had it as his phone wallpaper for a month before he found my profile. He then started following me and I was like OMG he is so handsome, and I sent a pic to my friend, Nicole. I told her that I thought he was gorgeous, and I wondered where he lived and what nationality he was. He used to leave comments and like my photos and then he added me to his Facebook. I’m quite private and I only have people I know on FB, so I didn’t accept his FB friend request for nearly 2 weeks. When I did, he inboxed me and we chatted for about a month on private messages until I finally gave him my number, after begging me for it every single day. He never gave up because he said I was his dream girl. He told me a month after we met, that he was going to marry me. Three months later, I had a job offer and we moved to Melbourne together. From then on, we became inseparable and the best of friends.


Describe the moment he proposed

We were living in Annandale at the time and Bicentennial park was only a short walk away. It is our special spot. We always went for walks there and it was where we talked about our future plans and had a chance to spend time together after a long day at work. Our anniversary for when Jordan asked me to be his girlfriend is November 16th, but my sister in law’s birthday is the previous day so we didn’t get a chance to do anything and I canceled our restaurant booking. So on November 29th, he kept asking me where I wanted to go for dinner because he felt bad he hadn’t given me my present or taken me out (I didn’t feel like going out at all so I didn’t book anything and I didn’t mind that I hadn’t received my gift yet). I finally agreed we would go out for dinner, so he then booked the restaurant we were supposed to go too for our anniversary.


Our table was still occupied when we got there, so by the time we finished dinner it was about 11:30pm. Jordan then said he wanted to go for a walk after dinner (it was a gorgeous, perfect, balmy night) so we went to Bicentennial Park and strolled around discussing our future plans. The whole time he was hugging me and kissing me and telling me how much he loves me and how he can’t wait for us to start our family. That wasn’t an unusual topic for us to discuss but it was literally the only thing we spoke about during our walk. It was about 12:30 pm and I suggested we walk home because it was getting late. Our last conversation was then about how he was going to propose and I was telling him my perfect proposal would be something intimate, just us together doing something we love and I wanted it to be a surprise. He then stopped walking, dropped on one knee, pulled out the ring box and opened it and said ” is this enough of a surprise for you… Gabriella I love you, will you please be my wife”. This was the most AMAZING feeling!! Of course, I said ‘yes’ in between crying and smiling.


What’s your most important piece of advice for creating and maintaining a strong relationship?

Trust each other, be each other’s best friends. Always be honest and treat your partner with as much attention as you did when you first met.


Tell us about your wedding gown and how you chose it

 I loved my dress. I wanted something modern and a bit sexy. I wanted an up and coming designer, one as well-known as the ones you would find in the typical Sydney boutiques. My dress was made from very soft tulle and hand beaded with over 3,000 pearls. It was floor length, long sleeve and sheer. My train and veil were over 16 feet long… I wish I could wear my dress again.


What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day (in terms of venue & décor + styling)?

Our wedding was intimate and timeless. We really wanted our wedding to represent our style as a couple and for our guests to be taken on a journey with our theme of predominantly white with a hint of gold and marble. This began with our invitations. We sent out a single marble invite, which took them directly to our wedding website. This made RSVP’ing SO much easier for the guests as well as me. And no one could lose their invite because all the information was online. Everyone was obsessed with this idea and even the more traditional guests loved it.


Our beautiful church had a marble altar. The church pews were decorated with soft white tulle and white flowers hanging from them. I wanted to use a wide range of flowers with big white petals and petals that were an unusual shape. I was very particular on the types of flowers used and literally picked every one of them with the assistance and guidance of our florist.


During cocktail hour, we had a pianist entertaining the guests with slow R&B songs, he then moved into the reception venue and continued playing the piano while the guests were being seated. Inside the reception room, we chose white large, tulip vases filled with only white flowers and white candelabras with long dinner candles. I wanted the lighting to be dim to set the mood so we decided on having only the chandeliers with dim candle light.


The food was absolutely amazing… we played Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin while everyone was eating. This set the mood perfectly. Just before the main course, we had Bollywood dancers perform in gorgeous, bright, traditional Bolly outfits. Our photo booth with the flower wall backdrop was a massive hit and everyone loved it, especially our nieces and nephews! Our first dance song was ‘The Weekend’ and directly after, we surprised my parents with their first dance song, as we got married on my parents wedding anniversary, which is also my Great Grandmothers wedding anniversary. My husband then gave my parents 33 long stem red roses to represent the years they had been together. It was something very special and my parents were so honored and grateful for their surprise.


We decided on getting all the formalities done earlier so there was plenty of dancing and party time! Our playlist had something for everyone with traditional Italian songs played, Bollywood hits, R&B, Hip Hop and more! All our guests loved our Bollywood dancers. I loved being able to incorporate some of my culture into the night and it was even more special as the dancers have known me since I was five. I think the fact that we decided to keep the tradition of getting married on October 31st, made it that much more special. There’s no pressure on our children to do that (once we have them). I’m half Italian – Half Indian and my husband is Half Maltese – Half English, so we wanted to embrace all of our cultures through all aspects of our day.


To me, our wedding was magical. It was even more amazing then we had envisioned it. There are no words to describe seeing something you have worked on for a year, become a perfect reality. On the day, nothing mattered, except us and our love for each other. We truly believe we are soulmates. In every life time, we will always find each other and be together. The moment we became husband and wife was without a doubt the best moment of our lives.


What was your favorite moment from the day?

The moment we became husband and wife officially was magical! I had my sister as my Maid of Honor and she was SO emotional not only in the time leading up to the wedding, but on the day as well. She could barely say her speech, but the words she did get out in between sobs, meant so much to me. My husband’s speech was perfect. It was funny and sweet and full of so much love and passion. Our relationship is one of a kind and on our wedding night, people were just amazed at how in love we were. The whole room was just radiating with love and the positive energy was amazing!!


If you could do it all over again, what would you change?

I LOVED our wedding so much and if I had the chance to renew our vows, I would go overseas and have a destination wedding.


Any tips that you can give to future brides?

Start the day early so you can make the most of it – it goes by way too fast.  Really savor every second of the day. Also pack a sewing kit and non-alcoholic wipes just in case 😉