I was so honored to be the wedding photographer for Hailey and Quinten’s rustic, Texas wedding. In order to get to the venue, I took a peaceful drive through the countryside where the landscape was simply gorgeous with its muddy roads and lush greenery. The Homestead at Old Potato Road is a beautiful location just a few hours outside of Austin, Texas.


The atmosphere of this event was ideal for a wedding photographer like myself; super relaxed and easy going. Those are definitely the times when I do my best work! Thanks to the wedding coordinator, it was a smooth day and if there were any hiccups, I didn’t notice them one bit. This rustic, Texas wedding had a strong sense of closeness you could feel throughout the entire day which only reinforced the familial focus that was so beautifully set up by both Hailey and Quinten. In fact, the entire day had a strong intimate theme to it because, besides the caterer, photographer, and coordinator, everything else was done by family members.