This is a stylized wedding shoot with very real vows – shot at sunrise and sunset! Hannah & Matt are as real a couple as they come… before they left on a year long journey to travel the world, her awesome friends – the wedding coordinators of Aloha Bridal Connections created an amazing stylized shoot at the INCREDIBLE Plantation Gardens. We shot at sunrise and sunset with an unbelievable outfit change in between. From the first look to the ceremony to the details and decor, the amazing little creatures too… this shoot shows Hawaii isn’t all beaches and is absolutely MAGICAL when you venture away from the coastline.


How Hannah + Matt Met

Ok, so I got a job at a restaurant where Matt was a server and we kinda had our eye on each other from the beginning. After a few months, Matt very politely asked me to get drinks after work. The first few months of our relationship were fun, yet revolved around partying together and alcohol. We both realized it was kind of toxic… it was time to make some life changes and one day Matt decided that (after too many years of alcoholism) it was enough and started on this sobriety journey! It’s been about a year and a half since then. It was a necessary change for me too, so I followed his lead. It wasn’t easy but it would not have been possible without the support we have for each other. This journey brought our relationship to another level and deepened our love.


Matt asked me to marry him one day at Lanikai Beach, we had been talking about moving back to Matt’s home to be closer to his family. So we decided to get married in Hawaii before we left (where we met/ fell in love). It’s weird when you meet someone and just kind of know that you’re supposed to do life together 😉


Neither of us are really sure what our next step in life should be, but that’s ok. Now that we’re going to be doing life together, the future looks bright!