Jackie and Jordan

Pewaukee, Wisconsin



Photography | Libby Sue Photography | @libbysuephotos

Venue | Western Lakes Golf Club

Officiant | St Matthews

DJ | Midwest Sounds

Bakery | National Bakery & Deli

Gown Salon | Eva’s Bridal Center | @evasbridalcenter

Men’s Attire | DuBois Formalwear

Caterer | Saz’s Catering | @sazshospitalitygroup


Jordan had the best reaction to seeing his bride walk down the aisle. Period. If there’s anyway to tell how much two people love each other, it’s in the way they look at each other in that moment. There’s no doubt that these two have nothing but years of swinging on the front porch, holding hands, and watching little rugrats running around the yard (by rugrats I mean kids, and only if they want them). One thing I know for certain, they won’t ever lose the way they look at each other. They had a beautiful wedding, held at the Western Lakes Fold Club in Waukesha, WI. I also think not a single thing went wrong, but that’s probably because they didn’t care about the details. The night was truly a celebration of the love they shared, and the family they’re building. It’s also the first time I shot with my second shooter Kristina, these pictures would not be as beautiful as they are without her.