Jaclyn and Trey

Oakdale, California



Photography | Karissa Wright Productions | @karissawrightproductions

Venue | Private Residence

Event Planner | Lori Cole Events | @loricoleevents

Floral Designer | Willow Floral Design | @willow_floral_design

Gown Designer | Martina Liana @martinalianabridal

Gown Salon | Mira Bridal Couture | @mirabridalcouture

Men’s Attire | The Black Tux | @theblacktux

Hair | Mena and Company Hair Salon | @menaandcosalon

Makeup | Christina Keesee

Rentals | The Standard Rental

DJ | Sounds in Motion | @simdjmodesto

Photo Booth | AZCO Rustic Designs & Rentals | @azcorusticdesigns

Caterer | Big Vic’s BBQ | @big_vics_bbq

Transportation | Storer Coachings

Other | Tap Truck Central Valley | @taptruckcv

From the Photographer

Andrea, Jaclyn’s now sister-in-law, surprised Jaclyn with a decked out getting ready room at The Galas Barn private estate. It was an elegant, boho and chic look complete with a couch, bar cart and feathers!


Lori Cole with Lori Cole Events managed the wedding and coordinated the day to make sure Trey & Jaclyn’s wedding went smoothly. Joe with Sounds in Motions was the DJ that kept the dance floor lite with people the entire night. The party danced and sang their heart out the whole night making this wedding one of my personal favorites to capture. AZCO Rustic Design provided the Shutterbug Photo Camper that was a vintage photo booth trailer for this country barnyard wedding. Tap Truck Central Valley provided a restored 1964 GMC Panel Bakery Truck with beers, wines, or ciders from local breweries and wineries.


Trey made himself their ceremony archway that was beautifully adorned with florals from Willow Floral Designs who also provided flowers for the whole wedding day. The family wanted to be part of the bride & groom’s special day. Jaclyn’s aunt, Becky Hurst, was the cake artist and Christina Keesee was the bride’s cousin who did Jaclyn’s makeup.

Tell us about your wedding! What was the inspiration behind your day? Did you have a specific theme, style or color palette?

I had been planning our wedding long before we got engaged, which I am not embarrassed to admit. I always wanted to have a very clean, timeless traditional wedding when it came to my dress and the overall decor and color scheme. We kept a simple palette or Gray, Sage, blush, white and pops of brass throughout. If we were asked what theme we went with, we would jokingly say rustic modern (if that’s a thing).


Let’s talk wedding decor. How did you decorate your space for the ceremony and the reception?

When it came to our decor, we really wanted to make the most out of each space rather than have a ton of different areas we had to fill. So we really focused on our layout of the venue first and how the flow of the guests would be throughout the day. The Galas Barn itself is absolutely beautiful so we knew we didn’t need to do too much to the inside or outside of the barn. We chose to have a dessert table and a bar set up inside where we just added a few photos, signs and floral arrangements. The dessert table floral arrangement was moved from our guest sign in table after the ceremony. We were able to do this since we kept the barn closed off from guests until we did our first dances. We used a lot of things we had in our home to decorate the guest sign in table. The table was an antique table that my Husband built and fixed up, we had a card box that we found at a local antique shop, photos in brass frames that we borrowed from family as well a few other things we had already and an Etsy bought sign in book with a floral arrangement. Along with this, we had another Etsy Welcome sign that we custom made a frame to go around the border to give it an added touch along with the greenery our florist added. Our Seating chart was old french doors that my husband demo’d from a job he was working on. We cleaned them up and had our family member write out our seating chart and decorate it as she saw fit to match our theme. I had always loved the hexagon arch idea that I found off Pinterest and knew I was set on having him build it for the wedding. My Husband actually had enough left over lumber laying around at home to put our arch together. We used a simple stain to coat it for a clean finished look. Our bridal table was kept very simple, with rented long light wood tables we pushed together, we used brass tall chunky and skinny narrow candle holders we had at home, along with simple clear glass votives mixed in with greenery at the top of the table. We used gold rimmed chargers with brass silverware for that added pop of color. We had white plates, white napkins and gold rimmed champaign glasses, the rest of the glassware was clear.


We also had a family member make floral name cards for this table. For my husband and I we rented a old large bench with a high back that we sat in at the Bridal table since I originally wanted a sweetheart table but decided that we wanted to keep the entire bridal party with us for dinner. We had a everyone straight across one side of the table with us and they sat in regular white chairs like the guests. For the guest tables, we used borrowed centerpiece boxes where the florist added the arrangements and table #’s for us. We had light gray table clothes on all of the tables, with brass silverware, white plates and napkins. We matched paper for “Thank you notes” from our Wedding invite Suite that sat in folded napkins in place of Menus. We had a family member make these for us as well. Another DIY we did was cut wood blocks for our table numbers (wood my husband had from a job), where we stained them, added sticks we bought at Hobby Lobby and had a family member make the stickers to place on them. We also rented lighting that a local vendor set up for us. To stick with the theme they used wine barrel table top bases and strung light across for the cocktail area. In this area we rented a camper photo booth that was pink and vintage and placed our classic blue beer truck (another vintage car) next to it which allowed for another backdrop in photos during dinner.


What were the florals like in your wedding? Did you use flowers in any of your design elements like the bridal bouquets, centerpieces or ceremony backdrop? Did they play an important part in the overall style of your wedding?

We knew we wanted our flowers to be the finishing touch and the POP we needed throughout the wedding, which allowed us to keep the decor so simple everywhere. Since our color palette was so simple and clean, we were able to make any adjustments we wanted without throwing off the vibe or look. So we knew we wanted our flowers to feel the same no matter where or what they were on. The flowers really brought everything together and added that touch we needed when it came to decor. Since we had such a large arbor we knew we needed to add flowers and a lot of them so that is the bulk of where out flowers went. It was such a focal point for the ceremony as well as for people to use as a backdrop for photos later on. We sent inspiration photos to our florist and really trusted in their work and let them come up with the overall design of the bridal bouquets and other arrangements throughout.


Did you personalize the day in any way (food trucks, guest entertainment etc.)? What were some of your favorite parts of your wedding?

We really wanted the wedding to be an experience, since we had family coming from all over. We rented buses from Storer transportation that transported the bridal parties as well as larger busses that charted the guests to and from the hotel to the venue. This was a small aspect of the day, but looking back was such a cool experience for everyone to be charted out to an unknown barn and upon arrival got to see how beautiful this hidden gem is. By including a lot of family members to our planning and asking for people’s creativity we had a ton of personal touches throughout. A few weeks before the big day, we asked a family member to create a “getting ready area” for me which I did not see until the day of. The space was absolutely beautiful and so special and became our focal point of our photos before the ceremony. She also incorporated our bridal bouquets around the space to add to the decor which was super effective and simple to do. This was one of my favorite places because so much thought and effort went into it.

Let’s talk fashion. How did you both choose your wedding day look? Describe the looks in detail.

We wanted to keep the color palette as much as we could throughout, so when it came to the bridesmaids dresses I really wanted a sage color, but one that was just right. I ended up finding a sage that was between a green and gray, depending on the lighting. Everyone was in the same dress but my Maid of Honor who needed a maternity dress and her color was slightly darker sage. For the men, we wanted them in black tuxes so that the sage of the bridesmaids dresses would really pop next to them. For the groom, since he was next to the bride in an ivory dress, he wanted to do a midnight navy tux jacket with black pants. This was perfect to separate him from the groomsmen but also be subtle enough where you only saw it was Navy in certain lighting. For the flower girls, we went with a white dress that I felt went in line with the look/design of my dress. We added an extra touch by having the florist make them floral baby breath crowns. The Junior Bridesmaids were put in a similar style dress as the bridesmaids but we went with a gray dress to break up the colors and to complement each other.


How did you meet? Tell us about the proposal.

We met through my husbands brothers girlfriend at the time (now wife). I worked with her and she introduced me to my husband and set up a “date” to go to a Giants baseball playoff game. They wanted us to meet before the game so we went for drinks and from that night, we were inseparable and we felt like we had known each other forever. Little did I know, they had been planning this night for quite some time and I didn’t realize that night I was going to be meeting the man of my dreams. Fast forward a year and we decided to move into our first apartment together. We worked really hard to make it our own special place where all our family and friends could come visit. Fast forward a few months and he began planning the big proposal. The plan was to rent a house in Malibu on the water where my family would come to go to dinner and take “Christmas card” photos. I didn’t think anything of it because his brother told his wife they were doing Christmas pictures for their engagement and I did not think they would use the same excuse. The day was very normal, I went shopping with his mom and his sister in law in the morning and waited for my family to get to Malibu. We headed down to the beach where I noticed everyone started to scatter. ‘In Case You Didn’t Know’ by Brett Young (our song) began playing on the loud speaker, that’s when it hit me that he was proposing. I began crying and he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, of course I said YES!


From there, we went to Mastro’s where he had a set menu dinner with all of my favorite foods. We ended the weekend by going to the Green Bay Packers game with my entire family and friends. It was the most special weekend of my life. (Until the big day of course)!


What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day?

We would both probably say very similar things for this answer. For me, I thought since I was planning for a whole year and had this vision in my head that I wanted to execute that would be what I was anticipating for the big day. I really wanted to know how everything came together and would play out. When the day came, I couldn’t even think about anything related to decor or how the day would run. I was just ready to marry the man of my dreams. I was most anxious to see him at the end of the aisle and see what his reaction would be to seeing me in my dress. He would probably say his most anticipated moment was seeing me in this dress. I would always tell him I think he would love. His reaction was everything I wanted and as we entered the barn after the ceremony he told me that I literally looked perfect and from there, we knew we had did it and got through the most anticipated and exciting part of the day.


Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

My advice would be to always trust in what you TWO want. It becomes very easy for everyone to put in their two scents and although you want to respectful to those people, you always need to trust your gut. Be patient with each other and take things one step at a time. There is a lot that goes into the day and if you plan on doing everything yourself you will need a lot of support and organization. We would recommend at least having a day of coordinator that can focus on all logistics so everyone in the wedding and family can enjoy themselves.Take your time finding vendors, we found amazing vendors that made us feel so comfortable and secure in helping us execute the day. From the moment we met our photographer/ videographer we felt so comfortable having her photograph the big day with her team and will always stay connected for any future shoots. All of our vendors put a lot of effort and energy into us as a couple and added really special touches for the day.Lastly, enjoy it! It goes by so fast but is the most exciting time.


No matter what, the time spent planning for one special day is going to be worth it so make sure to organize, plan, budget and always find ways to ask friends or family for help with DIY projects.