We originally met in high school during our sophomore and junior years through mutual friends. After knowing each other for some time we ended up dating for about two months, but for reasons unmentioned, we broke up. Although we had ended our relationship, the two of us remained good friends through the following summer and school year. However, after Jackie graduated high school we lost touch and rarely saw each other, despite a single Tampa Bay Lightning game. We continue to share a love for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Fast forward to 2012, we happened to bump into each other at the University of South Florida. We talked for awhile, caught up on each others lives, and decided we would like to go to dinner sometime in the near future. Well dinner was a tragedy. One of us, Tyler, could not shut up and kept talking about all the shenanigans he had been up to and that completely put Jackie off from the idea of us reconnecting. It took us about two or three months of sporadic texting for us to even consider trying to go to another dinner. After some time passed and we discussed the stupidity that occurred during that dinner, we agreed to go get coffee. We talked for quite awhile, eventually deciding to go down to Ybor City to get cigars and continue the vibrant conversation. That night began the path we are on now.