Jada and O’Dane

December 9, 2017

St Petersburg, Florida



Lead Photographers |  Rebecca + Michael Zoumberos with Limelight Photography

Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

DJ | Brad Master J | @bradmasterj

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal | @davidsbridal

Cake | The Artistic Whisk | @theartisticwhisk

Caterer | Olympia Catering | @olympiacatering

Ceremony Site | Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg | @mfastpete

Designer, Decor & Florist  | Creations by Mylez Edward 

Silk Flowers | Felicia Watson Events and Designs

Hair Stylist | Kelli Spears + Saraya Whitfield

Reception Venue | Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg | @mfastpete

Videographer | Baby Blue Film | @babybluefilm

Wedding Gown | CC’s Bridal Boutique

Jada and O’Dane grew up together in the City of Poughkeepsie, New York and attended church and Sunday School together.  They dated in high school and went to O’Dane’s senior prom together. The night before Mother’s Day, May 13, 2017, they went to a John Legend concert in Clearwater. O’Dane had already purchased a rare yellow, cushion cut diamond ring and had been secretly hiding it in his kitchen cupboard, but he had no intention of proposing until Jada’s birthday in August. After the concert, they went back to his home and he asked, “So, what are you doing for the rest of your life? Want to spend it with me?” And the rest is history.

“O’Dane is kind, humble, charming, funny and super gorgeous :-)!” He loves his family. “Jada is smart, beautiful and feisty. She has a beautiful smile and she’s understanding.” They enjoy movies, snuggling, watching the Food Network and traveling… most importantly, they love spending time with their daughter.


Their wedding story is simple; it’s all about their love. They chose the museum as their location because it’s unique and different, much like their relationship.


Jada’s ceremony dress reflects her tomboy/diva personality. She does not like a ton of bling; she is more into the understated beauty, but with a little flair.  Her ceremony dress was very artsy and reminded her of something she saw on “Sex and the City,” the movie. Her reception dress on the other hand, was inspired by old Hollywood… Marilyn Monroe/Dorothy Dandridge. O’Dane’s tux was inspired by watching “Married at First Sight” as one of the grooms had on a blue tux with black lapels (but O’Dane’s was better!).



Their wedding theme was “Old Hollywood Glam.” It was a perfect combination of modern meets old Hollywood. O’Dane’s secretly 75 (he has a very old soul) and Jada is a cinematic makeup artist so she loves movies and production. Jada’s mother is an event planner and she made all of their centerpieces and the aisle decorations in the ceremony space. The love and fun shared as a family was definitely the highlight of the wedding day.