Jennifer and Chris met at a local watering hole in Nashville when out with friends one night. The place was packed, and unknowingly to the both of them, they were standing shoulder to shoulder with their future spouse! They struck up a conversation about how crazy it was for a Wednesday night, and the rest is history!



The way Chris proposed was SO freakin’ sweet. Literally. The story starts in a bakery… and ends with one too! Chris is from PA, and there is a bakery there (Art’s Bakery) that Chris swears by. He took Jennifer there around the beginning of their relationship and she fell in love with their Big Chipper cookie. After that they continued to go to Art’s every time they made a trip to Chris’s home town. After five years of dating, Chris decided to do something very special and unique as a proposal to Jennifer. They planned a to have brunch with their family and he took Jennifer by the bakery to pick up some cookies for the occasion. While looking around for some snacks, she started noticing signs in various cookies trays. One had a caricature of Jennifer, another of Chris, as well as a hair bow (which she loves), hearts, a diamond ring, their names, and so forth. These all led to the Big Chipper tray, which included a blue tiffany’s box and a handmade sign that read, “Will you marry me?” How sweet is that???


The cookies, caricatures (they had a caricature artist at the reception!), hair bow, and of course a beautiful heart shaped diamond ring, made their way into the wedding as well! These two are both such kind and considerate people, and it really showed in their wedding in the way they treated their guests, family, and friends.  We had so much fun working with their wedding party as well- we laughed so much our faces hurt on multiple occasions. Another thing that made us happy- Jennifer and Chris’ adorable pup!! I mean- COME ON. How beautiful is she???



We LOVE working with clients like these two! Totally in love, full of laughter, fun personalities, and caring hearts. We also adored how they worked in the actual city of Nashville too by having the wedding at the George Jones Museum! Walking around Broadway for their photos was such a blast!