Kacie and Brian

Tavares, Florida



Photography | Limelight Photography | @limelightphotos

Venue | Tavares Pavilion on the Lake | @tavarespaviliononthelake

Floral Designer | Etsy

Gown Salon | Your Bridal Couture @yourbridalcouture

Beauty | Chris Testerman

Bridesmaids Dresses | Kennedy Blue | @kennedyblueofficial

Cake Designer | le petit sweet | @lepetitsweet

Caterer | Pisces Rising @piscesrising239

DJ | Live Fusion Entertainment

Cinematography | VH Video

Kacie and Brian met on a dating a website like a lot of couples now-a-days. Kacie was encouraged to try it because she had a crazy work schedule which included working overnights. One day, Kacie received a message from a man named Brian, who asked her about her love of theater. She was so impressed that this man actually took the time to read her profile to get to know her before reaching out to her. Meeting people online can be a little wary so after messaging for a couple of days they decided to meet at a local coffee shop in Jacksonville Beach called Bold Bean. They were supposed to meet for 30 minutes but everything felt so right that it turned into four hours!


Brian’s proposal to Kacie is kind of a funny story… they were in the midst of moving out of the Jacksonville area and Brian had been telling Kacie for several days that he wanted to go to the beach and take some pictures one last time before they leave. This didn’t sound odd to Kacie because Brian really enjoys photography. So, the last day of the move had arrived and it was time to go to the beach… unfortunately, it was a really windy and rainy day. Brian got out of the car and was ready to go to the beach but looked back and saw Kacie still hiding inside. He’s like “come to the beach with me” and she just really didn’t want to go.

Eventually he convinced her to go onto the beach with him but it wasn’t without troubles… like Kacie’s umbrella catching the high wind gusts and turning inside out on her (Haha). At the beach access point, the place of their first kiss, Brian took a few pictures of the water. He then hugged the pretty grumpy Kacie and began to tell her how much he loved her. Brian told her how he was so excited they’d finally be together and how he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. Kacie, was completely oblivious since he had written something similar in her Christmas card. Kacie then tried to get Brian to go back to the car. That’s when Brian kissed Kacie and asked her if she would do him a favor… “Will you marry me?” The ugly tears started, but Kacie of course said YES!


Kacie and Brian value the mutual respect they have for each other and strive to help the one another evolve into their best self. They love taking hikes together, watching the very witty television series Gilmore Girls, photography, and of course coffee. To honor their first date at Bold Bean it inspired Kacie and Brian to incorporate coffee into their wedding by having tea cup centerpieces filled to the brim with coffee beans. The personal detail of the tea cups came from the brides love of Disney and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Not wanting their wedding to have obvious Beauty and the Beast decor, they incorporated subtle hints throughout their wedding…like the beautiful staircase at Tavares, rose petals, and Kacie’s wedding dress. When Kacie tried her dress on for the first time she felt like she was Bell and when I saw her dancing with Brian during their first dance she looked like her too!


In Kacie and Brian’s own words…”Their love is a song that doesn’t end.”