Throughout the evening I watched as Katelyn and Greg purposefully scan the room to share a sweet glance and a subtle smile – it was obvious that it was their way of ensuring one another that this was the best day of their lives. A room full of 200 guests, dancing, laughter, and music were no competition for the two of them, as all eyes were on them the entire evening.


As we traveled to Richmond, Virginia for Katelyn and Greg’s wedding there was rain in the forecast, I messaged Katelyn to check on the rain plan and she said that she had made peace with whatever the weather may be and had chosen not to let it bother her one way or the other. I love this about Katelyn – shecan so easily make a decision and then go with the flow, confident everything is going to be just fine, and it was; better than fine.


The wedding took place at the Historic Jasmine Plantation and had a whimsical earthy feel mixed in with Greg and Katelyn’s love of the outdoors and camping. The bridesmaids adorned varying shades and styles of green dresses and the bridal bouquet was a showstopper with its size and beauty (I have never held a bouquet so large). The day was cloudy, but the weather seemed to be holding off – it was about 5 minutes before the wedding ceremony was set to begin with the sky opened up and the rain began to pour. All the wedding vendors pulled together and got Katelyn and Greg’s ceremony moved under a covered porch off of the historic home and it was clear that no matter where the two of them ended up getting married that their family and friends were just excited to be a part of it.


The reception was a blast, between the roast of the bridal party to the Jewish Horah it was one of the most entertaining and cheerful receptions we’ve been a part of. Katelyn and Greg we adore the both of you to no end. We are so thankful that you chose us to be a part of your wedding day and cherish the time we’ve spent with the two of you over the past year. We are so thankful for the two of you and the happiness you throw around like confetti to everyone around you. Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your lives and we look forward to watching you grow as husband and wife.


Now enjoy some photos from their wedding day.