How They Met

Katie and Cody met in high school their sophomore year at Orangewood Christian Academy. Although most high school sweethearts don’t last past those formative years, this couple knew then it was a love that would last forever! They ventured off to different colleges, but that didn’t matter. After 9 years of dating, lots of road trips, sports, adventures and a serious love for Labrador dogs, it was finally time to make their union official before God and their family.


The Wedding

What a truly special wedding Katie and Cody had! At the direction of Vangie from Vangie’s Events of Distinction the entire day went off perfectly. Starting with a first look between not only Katie and Cody, but also with Katie and her precious dad. The emotions were raw, heartfelt and so touching you could write a book about them. Katie and Cody wanted to try and get as many photos done before the wedding as we could so off we went to run around the vineyards, docks, golf course and beautiful landscape of Bella Collina. With these two in front of the camera it really didn’t matter were we went. Not only are they such a beautiful couple, but their compassion and love for each other radiates from every pore of their being.


With so many close friends and family, their wedding party ended up being a total of 15 people! The bridesmaids each wore different shades of dusty blue while holding a simple mix of flowers and were the perfect compliment to Katie’s stunning fitted lace gown! Cody and his groomsmen were suited up in navy blue suits to match the color palette of blue and ivory mixed in with greenery everywhere. A wooden cross decorated with flowers stood behind them as the vowed to spend the rest of their lives together on the Grand Lawn. What a sweet, touching, and emotional ceremony Elton Johnson performed! After a cocktail hour by the reflection pond everyone headed into the ballroom to eat and dance the night away! The cross was brought in as the main fixture behind the sweetheart table. The guests table surrounding them were decorated with stunning floral and candles along with the most precious favor, Olive Oil. On the front it read “Infused with love” with a handwritten note on the back saying “Olive our love.”