Katie and Cory

New Smyrna Beach, Florida



Photography | Our Day Wedding Photography | @ourdayweddingphotography

Venue | Crown Events Wedding Barn

Event Designer | Crown Events and Rentals

Hair and Makeup | Swanky Chic Salon

Cake Designer | Delectable Delights

Caterer | 4 Rivers Smokehouse | @4riverssmokehouse

Cinematography | Gotyaphoto.com

DJ | Memorable DJ Entertainment

Other | J&T Bartending

Neither one of us were looking for a new relationship when we reconnected… but boy did we find one! We were friends throughout high school, even though Cory was a grade younger, and always managed to be in the same group of friends. Looking back now, we find each other in random group pictures from high school, when neither one of us really new the other. We stayed in touch through college, and then reconnected on Cinco De Mayo in 2012 while on Flagler Avenue with a group of mutual friends. Cory knew from then on that Katie was the one, and worked to get her attention for the coming months. We instantly reignited our friendship and spent almost every weekend together throughout that summer. Cory was still wrapping up his Bachelor’s Degree at Florida State University and Katie was just getting comfortable in her first job after graduating from the University of South Florida that past December. Even though we lived 4 hours away from each other for a few months, we would video chat for hours on end almost every night. On January 13, 2013 Katie finally said yes to being Cory’s official “girlfriend”. After being in a long relationship for years prior, she was hesitant to begin anything new, but she could feel something different with him. Since then, we’ve been on an amazing journey. From mudding and fishing to road trips and camping, we’ve experienced so many adventures together, and yet the biggest adventure had yet to begin!


Cory proposed to Katie during their annual camping trip with the entire Toot family. No one knew he planned to propose except Katie’s parents. They anxiously helped gather the entire family while Cory paced back and forth down by the water. Katie remembers thinking ‘Why does he just keep staring at me?!’ Then, once everyone was watching from the deck, he got down on one knee in Katie’s favorite spot on the property, the creek. Katie instantly started crying of course and said yes without hesitation. Roscoe, our dog, even helped say yes!


In a short five years, we’ve already accomplished so much as a couple. We braved the apartment life together for 3 years, purchased our first home, purchased a pop-up camper and created a little family (with Scooter the turtle and Roscoe the pup). We love to goof off and be silly, go on adventures, and explore the world together. We can’t wait to see what the future brings next!