“I wore a vintage top that was my grandmothers. I was very close to her and she passed 5 months before our wedding. I had a hard time finding a dress that was exactly what I wanted – bridal without being too “bridally” (didn’t want the big white dress that I’d never wear again) and I remembered this top that was sitting in my moms closet from years ago. It needed some TLC and I took it to Madame Paulette to clean it up and modernize it a bit. I also wore her torsade of pearls from Tiffany’s which she handed down to me after she passed – it was great to have her part of the day without being there,” Katie said.


How did you two meet?

We met late night at a pizza spot on the Upper East Side. Rob was out with guy friends for a happy hour, and I was on a date that hadn’t gone so well. We both had the same idea to get a late night slice before we went home. He was sitting at a table in the front by himself enjoying his slice, and was the first person I saw walking in. It’s still up for debate who said hi first, but I thought to myself “i could either go take my slice(s) of pizza and go home and eat it on my sofa by myself, or I could sit down and strike up a conversation with this cute guy. We ended up hitting it off and continuing our night at another bar for a nightcap, and the rest is history! We unknowingly referred to one another to our friends as Pizza Boy and Pizza Girl in the early days of dating.


Tell us all about the proposal!

It was over the Thanksgiving holiday, we were celebrating my 30th birthday with my family at a winery in Virginia. We had just finished our wine tasting and went for a walk around the property and that’s when he popped the question. We had discussed getting married and even picked out my ring together, but the proposal was still a really special and intimate moment.

Describe the wedding planning process. Why did you choose the vendors you worked with?

Rob and I had both been married before, and our first weddings were very traditional, large-scale productions with over 200 people. The weddings were meticulously planned and followed all of the official etiquette protocol, and unofficial rules of Pinterest. When Rob and I decided to get married, we wanted the planning process and day-of to be stress-free and a reflection of us. On one extreme, we debated going to city hall with a few witnesses or eloping to the Caribbean one cold weekend in January, and having a party to celebrate when we returned, but we both are very family oriented and realized how important it was for our immediate families to be there and be part of our wedding day.


Regarding planning and vendors, I tend to skew towards traditional, but I quickly realized there is no “traditional” way to go about a second wedding. There is no protocol to follow regarding parties and showers and flowers and bridal parties, and saying yes to the dress, so the planning process I quickly realized was completely up to us to create. Rob and I took that opportunity to really discuss how we wanted our day to be, without any stress or pressures from a rule book or Pinterest.


We decided to host our wedding at The Astor House in NYC, which is 10 blocks from our apartment and a beautiful townhome, which serves as the headquarters to the New York Junior League (of which Katie is a member). We were able to have the full townhouse to ourselves the entire day, and could host each part of our day in a different room. It felt like we were hosting a beautiful dinner party with a wedding ceremony to kick it off. It was a really beautiful backdrop for a wonderful and intimate day.


We chose vendors that we knew would be easy to work with and had come recommended from friends. I was introduced to our photographer by a mutual friend from the NYJL, and he totally understood what we were planning, and was SO excited to be part of our day. It really showed. I worked through NY Flower School (who I also connected with via the NYJL) to identify my florist, Lindsay Lucenti of Clematis and Rose, who had just graduated from their program. Being in the interior design industry, I understand the importance of building a portfolio of your work. I realize most brides wouldn’t want someone who had never done a wedding before to be in charge, but Lindsay had interned with an amazing florist and was really eager and had a lot of time to dedicate to our wedding and helped make it so personal. She texted me pictures from the flower market week of so I could weigh in on what types of flowers I wanted, and even came up to my apartment to gather all of my blue & white jars I have collected over the years to do all of the arrangements!


You have to start somewhere, and I really trusted that she would do an amazing job, and she did. I was perfectly fine being her first wedding, and on the flip side, I was able to help build her resume and give her some photos to use for future brides who may be interested in using her for their weddings!


How old are each of you and what are your professions?

Rob is 37 and works in finance, Katie is 30 and works for an interior design firm in New York City.