From the Photographer

We are so blessed to get to work with such amazing people. We know we must sound like a broken record saying that as often as we do, but it’s true… and Katie & Zachary’s wedding day was a wonderful reminder of why we love doing this so very much.


Their wedding day was beautiful – spent in the rolling hills of New Castle, Kentucky at Smith- Berry Winery. We spent the majority of the day laughing with these two and all that gathered together to love on them. Katie & Zach make an amazing couple – with beautiful souls and joy spilling out onto everyone in their lives. Watching their family come from near and far to their wedding was so fun to see – SO much love filled their day! The sun shined, tears fell and a beautiful day was had. We were so honored to spend this day with them, we know the future is going to hold amazing things for the new Mr. and Mrs. A (and what a beautiful couple they make!!)