From the Bride


Jordan and I first met through our mutual friend Amy. Jordan and Amy had been friends for years and after transferring back to Houston from Scotland, Amy and Jordan started hanging out frequently. Amy and her Husband, James, threw a Memorial Day BBQ celebration at their house where Jordan and I both attended. The first thing I noticed about Jordan was that he had brought a package of sausages with him to throw on the grill! I remember thinking that it was very thoughtful of him to show up to a party bringing a contribution. It was a small gesture, but it caught my attention and made me think that he was a pretty nice guy. Jordan and I got to talking, and the hours later, we realized we had only talked to one another during the entire party. After laughing and talking the whole day, Jordan left with the boys to go see a midnight showing of a new movie that had just come out. I stayed behind with Amy to help her clean up after the party and have some girl time! I remember we were doing dishes at nearly one in the morning when I heard an email come through on my phone. It was a cheeky one liner message from Jordan saying how he had enjoyed our conversations all day, as he had forgotten to ask me for my phone number and all he had was my email. I still remember the excited and giddy butterfly feeling that came over me when I read it.


As the week progressed, we kept in touch and made plans to get together the next Friday night. By the end of the week, we had arranged to meet up at our Company’s fundraising bowling tournament and grab a bite to eat afterwards. I knew from that night that I never wanted to leave his presence, but the next day I was headed out of town to my friend Laura’s Bay House in Rockport. I immediately texted her telling her that I had met this amazing guy and wanted to see if he could come with us to the Bay House for the night. Laura, although somewhat sceptical/protective/inquisitive of this new man in my life, she agreed that he could join us. I will never forget how instantly Jordan made himself at home with my circle of friends, almost as if he had known them for just as long as I had. He was funny, witty, smart, charming, and adored by some of my closest friends – and I knew that this was something quite special.


Driving back home from Rockport, I could tell that our need to stay in each other’s company was growing stronger. We didn’t want the weekend to end, and so Jordan made sure it didn’t have to. Now, anyone that knows me knows that I am a planner, and not the biggest fan of spontaneity. But Jordan was exactly that, as he had arranged for a quick trip to the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino that very same day. I had nothing packed, no game plan; not to mention we both needed to be at work the next morning, but none of it mattered – we just couldn’t get enough of each other. A quick getaway turned into a secret escape from everything for a few more days, and we soaked up as much time together as we could. It was on that trip, 7 days after we first hung out to be exact, that I knew in my deepest of heart that this was the epic love of my life. That he was my soul mate and that no matter what; we were one another’s until the end of time.


Two years have come and gone since that very first day. Two years of endless laughter, lifetime memories, world-wide adventures and a foundation of compassion and pure adoration for one another. Two years after meeting the man I wanted to do everything on earth with, Jordan proposed and took my heart into his forever.


The Wedding  (as told by the planner)


Kelly and Jordan approached me early in the planning process to help them pick everything from the venue to the photographer, to rentals, floor plan, and timeline. Keeping the guest count at 75, the bride and groom wanted a modern-industrial setting with the feel of a Gatsby party. So they chose Station 3, a former fire station that had been converted to a venue with lots of exposed brick and metal finishes – a perfect location for their big day.


To keep everything elevated and luxe, we chose a crisp and classic black, white, and gold palette. The black-tie attire, invitations and day-of stationery (sporting a custom monogram), and décor pulled together the Gatsby look. The bride, not being a fan of flowers or greenery, hand-made the bouquets of feathers, broaches, and jewels for herself and her attendants, with additional feather flair in the décor.


Since Jordan is Scottish, bagpipes had to be a part of the day and as the guests arrived, they were greeted with the sounds of Scotland from live bag piper. During the processional, a string and piano duo played while the wedding party made their way to the altar, with the bride descending from the grand staircase in the middle of the room to meet her groom. Their self-written vows were so personal and heartwarming. It was a true gift to get to hear their love for each other, in their own words. During the ceremony, they included a customized wooden box where they placed notes for each other to read on their first anniversary with the intended tradition of replacing both the bottle and notes every year.


After the “I do’s,” the bagpiper led the newly wedded couple and their guests into the courtyard. The guests grabbed appetizers and drinks under café lighting while the couple finished taking portraits. As they made their grand entrance into the courtyard they shared their first dance. Kelly and Jordan mingled with their guests for a few minutes before heading upstairs for the dinner service.


The tables were set with uniquely plated deconstructed salads and frames filled with F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes. As dinner wrapped up, the couple cut the cakes, exchanged heartfelt toasts, and then headed downstairs to get down! They had a live 9-piece band to help them party the night away ending with not just one, but two confetti drops!


Kelly and Jordan exited in style with their guests popping metallic streamers that lead them to a vintage Rolls Royce! It was such an honor to play a role in Kelly and Jordan’s big day! Cheers to the newlyweds!