We met at the North End in Boston. I, (Klara) had moved to the neighborhood that week and one of my best friends wanted to show me the bars in the area. That night, Kevin was out with his cousin and some friends and happened to be at the same place. He walked to the bar to get a drink and I just happened to be sitting right there. We started chatting and he told me he was fluent in Spanish which was what got me interested – I later found out that was not true.


We went out on our first date a couple of days later and then Kevin went away on a long business trip the following day. He called every night while he was away. That is when I knew I really liked him. We went out on our second date the day he came back and that is when we had our first kiss. After that we were pretty much inseparable. We moved in together a couple of months later and then made the bigger move down to Florida right after we got engaged. Our wedding date was the date we met, just 2 years later.