Lambie and Peralta

Baltimore, Maryland



Photography | Mantas Kubilinskas Photography | @mantaskubilinskasphotography

Venue | Church & Company

From the Photographer

Every time I meet a new couple I‘m always interested in their story as each time, it’s so unique and inspiring. This full of joy couple – Matthew and Michelle – met at a college party and Matt (according to Michelle) was the party animal that no one could take their eyes off. The couple still have the pictures from that night of Michelle holding her stomach from laughing so hard because of him.


As the couple remembers, Facebook was only 3 years old back then. It was an easy way to connect and of course also check out pictures from the latest party. Michelle said that she finds it so interesting that there is a picture which they have from that party that says: “IT’S OFFICIAL… I love Lambie“ (Lambie is Matthew’s surname). Even though they had hardly knew each other at the time. As the bride later on said – she didn’t think she believed in love at first sight until she saw that comment 5 years into their relationship. Kind of a magical story, right?


As they both agree – their favorite thing to do together is laugh! Whether it’s in the good times or the bad, these two always find a way to make each other crack up. The couple agree that they have rather different personalities, as Michelle is very free spirited and bold, while Matt is more quiet and reserved. This surface level dichotomy actually brings them both together as their personalities according to them balance them out. As a couple, they are goofy, weird, athletic, loving and overall grounded. Although many see them as total opposites, but as people say opposites attract. And this is the case!