How and when did the couple meet?

Laura and Lorenzo met online through Match in the summer of 2012! They bonded through messages back and forth about their love of Italy having both spent time there. The best first date of their lives took place on June 1st, 2012. They met for dinner on a Friday night and spent 3.5 hours chatting and getting to know each other. Their second date was the next night! Laura was leaving to go to Arizona with her best friend, Remi, that week and Lorenzo knew he had to swoop her up! He bought her a pair of sunglasses to remind her of him during her trip. Consequently, Laura fell asleep during their second date while watching the movie, the Avengers!


How did the proposal take place?

Every year the couple takes an annual dating anniversary trip to Lake Chelan which is special as Laura vacationed there with her family several times over the years. Every year, they go out on the water and spend ALL DAY out there. The first year, Laura squealed and yelled, “weeee” as she rode (bounced) on the back of the jet ski with Lorenzo all day long. She never complained or got upset at the crazy ride; she just enjoyed it and had fun. The second year, they took the same trip. Each year they had packed a picnic lunch and ate at the same tiny picturesque park about 30 miles up the lake.


On their 3rd annual anniversary trip, Lorenzo surprised Laura with a boat rental instead of a jet ski! Laura was really excited, but she didn’t think much of it since the prior year they had issues with logs in the lake getting jammed in the jet ski – so, it made perfect sense! Also, Lorenzo asked that Laura be in charge of preparing their lunch picnic while Lorenzo would be in charge of dessert and that he was bringing a couple of little bottles of champagne. Laura thought this was a little weird since she is the dessert queen! All day on the boat, Lorenzo was protective of a small cooler that held the dessert. Laura became suspicious, but it made sense that he wouldn’t want it flipped over in the boat. AND he had told Laura he would never propose on a trip (which made sense with their big trip to Playa del Carmen two months before) or propose when she might be expecting it. Well, Laura didn’t expect it! She had no make-up on or fancy nails done for their water expedition.


They finished eating lunch at their annual picnic spot and Lorenzo took out the champagne and a small pink and white (Laura’s favorite colors) box and asked Laura to open it. Laura opened the box and was puzzled because it was a cupcake that looked very pretty, but after a tap on the “frosting” she realized it was ceramic and she couldn’t eat it! Lorenzo asked Laura to open it and she was again confused but figured out how to unscrew the top of the cupcake and opened it! Inside, gleaming and shining in the beautiful light was the most gorgeous and perfect engagement ring Laura had ever seen! She got a huge smile on her face and started saying OMG, OMG, OMG! Next thing she knew, Lorenzo came around the picnic table and got on one knee. Lorenzo asked for Laura’s hand in marriage and said he knew after their first trip to Lake Chelan after all the bouncing and speeding they did on the jet ski that day, that if she could enjoy that, have a blast and not complain, that she was the one for him. Laura jumped up saying, “YES, YES, YESSS” and Lorenzo slid the ring on Laura’s finger.


They sat at the picnic bench for a long time in pure bliss while enjoying the special REAL cupcakes that Lorenzo had ordered. Lorenzo surprised Laura with 3 picture-perfect cupcakes that read one as Lorenzo, one as Laura and one as Engaged on 7-11-15! They spent the rest of the day relaxing on the boat and soaking in the sunshine. Laura saw the beautiful ring as the cherry on top; she was filled with such happiness to know she would get to spend the rest of her life with Lorenzo.

What was your fondest wedding moment?

My fondest wedding moment was following the ceremony and signing our marriage certificate. Lorenzo and I took a special boat ride – just the two of us, aboard the wooden boat, the Woodmark II. We soaked in the sun on this on gorgeous and warm July day while cruising Lake Washington and were able to catch a glimpse of our guests playing lawn games and enjoying cocktail hour ashore. We enjoyed a champagne toast and celebrated in the moment that had just taken place – that we made a promise to each other for a lifetime of marriage and love. We were finally Mr. and Mrs. McKibbin!


Interesting facts about you and your spouse that you would like to share.

Lorenzo and Laura love traveling, cooking together and trying new recipes, gardening, wine tasting, and spending time with family and friends. Lorenzo is a grill master and Laura loves to bake! They enjoy keeping active and watching their favorite sports teams together – the Seahawks, Golden State basketball and Sharks hockey! It is hard to believe that they found each other through online dating! Lorenzo had looked for a house in the development next door to Laura’s parents’ house, was an athletic trainer for a football team that played at Laura’s old high school, and they both spent time in Italy during the same summer!


Laura always laughs that their names are essentially the same name – the Crown of Laurel. Water has always been an important part of both of their lives. Lorenzo grew up surfing in the Santa Cruz area of Northern California! He spent many of his days lifeguarding at the state beach, the lake and the country club, as well as travelling around the world to competitively surf. Laura’s memorable annual summer family vacations were trips to the ocean or down the Oregon coast to Seaside or Cannon Beach. Both of them feel at peace when they are next to or on the water. On their first trip together Laura and Lorenzo went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to celebrate Lorenzo’s birthday. With 3 trips to different parts of Mexico, water has always been a part of their memorable vacations.


Where do you reside and what are your occupations?

We reside in Seattle, Washington. Laura is an Executive Assistant at a marketing agency. Lorenzo is a Senior Sales Partner at an energy solutions company.


What advice do you have for future brides?

• Enjoy your engagement and the special time of having and being a Fiancé. Remember what brought you together and look forward to the years to come!


• Take your time planning and daydreaming about your wedding day! Brainstorm ideas big or small that you would like to incorporate into your wedding and keep a list in your phone, so you have it on the ready, to reference. Daydream about ways to personalize your wedding day and make décor or elements unique and tied back to you and your Fiance’s love story, personalities and background.


• When you make a decision on a vendor, go with your initial hunch. Try not to second-guess yourself. If a vendor feels right, go with your first inclination and move on to the next task.


• Trust the professionals! Your vendor is knowledgeable and it’s a good thing to be able to trust their judgement and rely on their industry savvy.