Lauren and Chris

McConnells, South Carolina



Photography | Jessica Drew Photography | @bookjdphotography

Venue | Private Residence

Makeup Artist | Girl Time with Nathalia

Hair Stylist | ERMc Hairstylist | @ermc_hairstylist

Invitation Designer | Celesia Faith Marketing & Events, LLC | @celesiafaith

Calligrapher | About the Alphabet | @about.the.alphabet

Bakery | Sugar & Spice Bakers | @sugar_spicebakery

Equipment Rentals | Party Reflections



From the photographer… Lauren and Chris celebrated 5 years of marriage and renewed their vows in a sunflower field in South Carolina! This started out as a planned styled shoot and after talking with Lauren, I discovered that she didn’t have any pictures she liked from their wedding. She wanted to wear her wedding dress and she wanted to renew their vows and it turned out to be an intimate, lovely vow renewal!



From the bride… For our vow renewal we wanted something simple, yet beautiful. Our wedding was small and very special, yet we didn’t have any professional photos of our day. We wanted our vow renewal to be similar, but with a lot of photos to capture our emotions. I wore my wedding dress which has a very vintage feel to it, so I liked the idea of eucalyptus and white flowers to go along with that antique look. The sunflower theme added a fun and spunky edge to it all. One thing that wasn’t planned, but that we loved, was that it rained at our vow renewal. It is considered good luck in some cultures for it to rain on your wedding day and we also had a light shower on our wedding day five years ago. Good luck all around!


Our vow renewal ceremony and reception were both in the sunflower field. The great thing about having an outdoor location like that, is that there’s not much need for decoration, nature did the hard work! We used some complimentary colors on the tables and let the sunflowers do the rest of the work.

I absolutely love how the flowers turned out. My bouquet was full of eucalyptus which is my favorite, along with white roses and some other beautiful flowers. My hair stylist also used some of those same pieces to accent my hair which tied it all in together. And of course, sunflowers everywhere!


Our renewal was simple and that was my favorite part. It wasn’t about all the things that would stress me out like the food and décor. We had some simple Frank Sinatra style music playing and kept the focus on the love behind it all.


When we originally got married, I picked out my dress because I wanted something vintage and classic with a twist. My dress was an A-line dusty rose dress with an ivory lace overlay. Chris wore a classic grey suit. He decided to forego the jacket and wore the vest alone which really completed the look. He also wore brown dress shoes and a navy blue, thin tie. He couldn’t have been more handsome.


We met through some friends. Chris actually didn’t remember meeting me the first time so when our friend introduced us the second time, he said, “Chris, this is Lauren, I think y’all have met before.” I said, “yes” and Chris said, “no” at the same time as we shook hands. It was very awkward, but we obviously recovered well. The proposal was everything I could have wanted. We were out of town, staying in a cabin on a large area of land. Chris woke me up and we went on a walk. I remember thinking that the view was gorgeous and if he had gotten a ring, it would have been a great place to propose. But, I was certain he didn’t have a ring because he had wanted to go look at rings the morning we were leaving town. Very sneaky of him. But he knew he had to throw me off because it’s so hard to surprise me. I figured he was proposing soon since he was so insistent on looking at rings, but had no clue it was that soon… he had already gotten a ring the week before. He said, “this is one of those views you’ll remember for the rest of your life.” Then he proposed.


I remember being so nervous on my wedding day, that it was difficult to enjoy all of the special moments. I loved my vow renewal because all of those nerves were gone and I was able to just soak up all the goodness around me.


It’s easy to get caught up in wanting every detail to be just right on your big day, but when you look back, you’re going to remember the people, the feelings and all the joy. Odds are, something is not going to be just how you planned. Don’t sweat it, just let it go and don’t even try to fix it. Just soak up all the love around you.