Maliha and Fuad

Orlando, Fl



Photography | Ardensea | @ardensea

Venue | Florida Hotel and Conference Center | @thefloridahotel

Luxurious, extravagant, and cultural. Maliha and Fuad had a beautiful 2-Day wedding ceremony in their traditional Pakistani culture. The celebration took place at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando Florida and features the couple soaring high on the Orlando Eye – a whopping 400 ft tall giant Ferris wheel! It doesn’t get any more exciting that that!


The Pakistani wedding culture is truly amazing to experience. The celebrations are unbelievably enchanting. The fabrics drip in gold ornaments and everyone, including the vendors, dance until the early morning. Because the culture is so rich, many of the details and decor were provided by the family, including her handed down jewelry and luxurious garments.